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Is it necessary to greet someone every single time you see them?

Asked by VirgoGirl826 (469points) August 30th, 2016

There’s this guy at my college I’m not even friends with; we’re barely acquaintances (we worked on a mutual friend’s film set a year ago, that’s all. We haven’t hung out since). But ever since last semester he’s been going out of his way to talk to me. Last semester a mutual friend stopped by my dorm for a bit, then as he was leaving he said “Oh yeah, “Z” told me to tell you ‘hey’”...but I’d just seen “Z” like, 2 hours prior and he said hey to me then too (let me reiterate, that I’m not friends with this dude. So why bother relaying a message to me through our mutual friend, esp. when it’s only what “Z” himself already said only a few hours before).

Now this semester literally every single time he sees me he says “Hey (insert my name)”. It’s never just “hey” or “hi”, he constantly uses my name and waves at me. I could be all the way down another hall and he’ll call out to me just to tell me “Hey (insert my name)”. My actual friends don’t even do that. If I was friends with this guy, I’d get it but since I’m not I’m finding this strange. Is it really necessary for someone to hi every single time they see you?

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Hello? The dude is interested in you. Get it?

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@ chyna I suspected that but everyone I’ve told about this thinks I’m overthinking it or reading too much into it

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Hello hellooo! I don’t know why you say goodbye. I say hello. (The Beatles)

I’d lay odds are he likes you and wishes you were closer, and/or is deluding himself that you consider him a friend. The “act as if” method of friend-making. Or he’s a bit odd socially. I seem to recall that at University, some people were a bit like that.

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I don’t feel I have to say anything every time I see them, but I think it would be unfriendly to not acknowledge them in some way—a wave, a nod or even a grunt will do it.

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Seems like he’s interested.

What do you do in response to his greetings?

(I say hello to my neighbours pretty much every time I see them – that’s the way it works in any old-skool kind of neighbourhood)

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@BellaB The first couple times I would smile and wave back. But now that I feel like it’s gotten excessive I go ahead and throw my hand up in a wave just to be polite, but I don’t smile anymore

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Here is a suggestion: stop and talk to him. You can take 30 seconds to ask how he is. Tell him you’d like to have coffee with him.

It will either get much better for both of you, or he will stop.

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If you like him, do as @zenvelo says and strike up a conversation. It seems fairly obvious you are on his mind, and he’d like to be on your mind. If you’re not interested, don’t encourage the poor guy.

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@Earthbound_Misfit No, I don’t like him; regardless, I’m not even interested in dating while I’m in school at all, so. I greet him back just to be polite but I keep going unless he stops me to ask me something

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@VirgoGirl826, just be aware of his heart then. It does sound as though he’s smitten with you. Polite is probably the best bet as you have indicated.

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The guy is clearly interested in you. If you’re not then let him know through your actions / mutual friend so that your intentions are clear. Otherwise he might think there’s possibility of getting hooked up with you. But don’t be too rude while passing on the message as it can be too painful for him.

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