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Do you love yourself?

Asked by trudacia (2508points) August 1st, 2008 from iPhone

Do you love you? Your mind? Your body? Your soul? Why do you or don’t you? When do you or don’t you?

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Sometimes. Other times I hate myself. Other times I’m completely confused.

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yes i love myself but i’m not overobsessed with myself.

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my opinion of myself changes. just like my opinions on other things as well. most of the time i’d say i am satisifed with the person i am today but i do occassionaly find myself angry at my personality or dissapointed with how i look and wanting to change.

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I am very self critical, but I am cautious about always being constructively critical. At the end of the day, I am happy with who I am and who I want to become. I love myself, but I also want to better myself :)

Good self image and body image is important for showing confidence and looking like someone who can be trusted to ask for help with problems and also to be responsible with whatever job. Those who love themselves don’t associate long with people who mistreat them.

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Although I love myself in general, I often focus on my flaws and let it get the best of me.

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Once you are at peace with your soul, mental and physical health will follow suit. foretunely, I am not upset or diappointed with any part of myself. I’m not perfect but I don’t let that loom over me, I just view that as room for improvement and discovery.

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Every chance I get.

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I love my body. It’s old. I look at the skin that’s turned dry and freckly and
inelastic with real affection (and some surprise, I admit). Clothes make me mad, but not
the body they’re supposed to make beautiful.
I love my waning, never-adequately-developed intelligence. It’s my big source of joy.
I love my poor battered heart and I know it will keep growing.

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I do love myself, but sometimes not enough.

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Only sometimes. Mostly I do the exact opposite, but there are occasions when I love myself.

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I can finally say that I love myself… but this has been a learned behaviour and I still have a ways to go.

I was abused in childhood, and had a victim’s mentality for most of my life. It has been a difficult mental and emotional struggle to learn to forgive myself of my mistakes, to accept all of me as I am, and finally to love myself unconditionally. I am 42 now, and I only recently got to the point of loving myself and feeling true inner happiness and serenity that come with it.

My big hurdle now is physical, because my body has paid the price for all my years of self-loathing. Thankfully, I never got too heavy into substance abuse… my main vice has been food. These lifestyle changes aren’t easy; but I now accept that I can’t and won’t change overnight, so I don’t beat myself up like I used to if I backslide. I just keep my eyes on the goal and know that I will get there in time.

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you have to love yourself before you can love anyone back.

I want to love someone so I make sure I love myself first. It’s the productive thing to do to self evolvement and progression.

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I think it is important to both like & love yourself. You should be your own best friend!
If I am happy with who I am it allows others to love me back. I think that a lot of people place to much stock in other peoples opinion of them. The only thing that matters is what you think of you.
If people don’t like me that is there loss. :-)

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I’m getting there.

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I consider loving myself a work in progress, and I have made a lot of progress!

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Everyone: Don’t forget to hug yourself. You deserve it. <3

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You know, my darlings, I love you all, and I’m glad if the party line on loving yourself
first is working for you, but my own experience runs so counter to this message that I
must protest.
I’ve found this:
as my heart goes out to other people, to animals, to trees, to language,
to works of art, to landscapes, to ideas, all that beauty and power and complexity comes flooding into my being. Gratitude and delight (and also frustration and struggle) with what’s out there link me to all that grandeur and health and power; I participate in it. It builds my inner beauty. My inner beauty is considerable, would you agree? Has been for a long time.
I do love my “self”, but I don’t exclude from my “self” from the grass going to seed, the computer making magic on my desk, the good piece of toast, the seagulls’ articulate talk. We’re all in this together, thank god.
I’m pretty repelled by the idea that you have to love yourself before you can
love anything else. I don’t think so. You coexist. Re-examine, please.

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”... don’t exclude my “self” from the grass…” no “from” after “exclude”, sorry.

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GA Susan :)

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More than anyone else!

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i love myself when i have made a wonderful accomplishment, when i have made someone i love incredibly happy, when a group of people laugh at my jokes, when my hair looks good, when the one i love tells me i’m beautiful. i hate myself when i have made an ass out of myself in public, when i’ve made someone really angry, when i fail at a task, when i’m having a bad clothing/hair day, when i have stupid jealous thoughts, when i’m proven wrong, when i’m picked on for my faults. i am indifferent towards myself when i am enjoying the world and people around me and choosing not to reflect on my mistakes nor my accomplishments and just live!

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i love you, molly.

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