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Why does my dual monitor setup not work?

Asked by Mr_Grimm (412points) August 31st, 2016

So fluther friends, I was using my desktop and just got done finally getting the sound card drivers in, and then went online to browse the web. Then all of a sudden both my monitors went black. The power lights still orange, I began to wonder what had happened. I opened the pc, took the video card out cleaned the fins and reconnected everything, started her back up and the monitors stayed in their orange light state. I knew it wasn’t the monitors because they were well maintained. I am starting to wonder if it’s the video card. Or the new sound card driver that saved my day. I really need help because I went far too long without a desktop I don’t want to make it even longer. It also might be the PSU but it was practically brand new, and well under its max power. Help me please

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Do you have a discrete video card? And if you do, do you have any video options built into the motherboard?

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Can you get one working? In other words, is it adding the second one that is messing things up?

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both weren’t even turning on. However I tried removing the cmos battery and reseating the ram, and for some bizarre reason it started to work agin. I’m puzzled as to why during no demanding tasks my screens would shut off and it being a ram issue.

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I’d wager the video card is going out, monitor the gpu temps and see what they are at.

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