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How many of you are super pumped for the Olympics?

Asked by gooch (5734points) August 1st, 2008

I for one am a fan of real athletics…no drugs, no money, just heart

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love all types of sports. I agree, gooch, the one’s without money seem to be the most genuine and passionate. I’m looking forward to the 100M men’s race with my boy Tyson Gay. Not too sure about the drug part. I don’t trust the Chinese team much because some of the atheletes may sacum to the nationalistic pressure and abuse steriods. But I wish all the hard-working athlete a peaceful and positive trip to China (the tibetian crisis and china’s poor human rights agenda will sadly make more headlines than the games themselves),

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I’m effin ready…give me now!

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The soccer matches actually begin 2 days beforeh opening night.

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MEMEMEMMEMEMEME!!! i can’t wait :)

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SUPER is an understatement!

When I saw Kerri Strug land her second vault, I knew I was proud to be an American :)

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I have a young friend who is rowing in one of the Canadian women’s boats. That is exciting, if it is televised.(even if it is not televised). There are a huge number of rowing events.

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I love the Olympics. I hate what I view as the over-the-top, relentless nationalism of US TV coverage. When I lived in Seattle I used to watch on Canadian TV, because it was so much less biased and America-centric.

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I too cannot wait for the rowing. It will be amazing! And I know a handful of the Australian rowers, because quite a few of them are Tasmanian and the rowing community is quite close-knit here. I am very excited to watch them indeed!

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Not so stoked. A lot of controversies going on. I’m most likely boycotting

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