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You're a wild bunny - what's your favorite treat?

Asked by marmoset (1260points) September 2nd, 2016

We have a fenced in backyard where a bunny frequently visits (through a hole under the fence) – we’re not trying to grow anything there and my kid LOVES her, so I want to know what treats I can leave in the backyard to make her want to come back a lot. It’s sunny during the day, shaded in the evening when she visits

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Is this a wild rabbit or a domestic, what color is it? All white and mixed with white rabbits are domestic, as are variations of greys, tans, spotted, black, black & white etc. Some domestic breeds have the wild Agouti coloring as well and any lop eared rabbit is also a domestic variety. If it is a domestic it would be best to try and catch it. Domestics need a commercial alfalfa pelleted feed and also grass or oat hay and water, of course.

No celery, ever, celery is bad for rabbits, binds them up, no iceberg lettuce, some dark green leaf lettuces are okay in small amounts, the occasional apple slices, carrots, or anything like wild blackberry leaves, apple leaves, dandelion greens, are fine for the occasional treats. Dry oats are also good if bunnies have runny bunny poo. haha
It all depends if it is a domestic escape or a wild rabbit or hare. If it is a domestic I would put out hay, alfalfa, timothy or oat hay or buy some commercial pelleted feed.

Remember Peter rabbit, he got a baaad tummy ache from eating all the goodies in Mr. Macgregors garden. You can read up more online but this is some basic info. Also, be careful, bunnies can bite, hard, if this bunny is not very tame watch your fingers if you are trying to lure it in as a potential pet. If it is, indeed, an escaped domestic you could easily tame it down and keep it as a pet.

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Everything in your garden.

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I don’t know the answer to this, but I’d suggest growing some lettuce and green veggies. You could even put some seedlings in pots if you don’t want to grow them in the ground. I do hope you’ll update us on the bunny visits. Perhaps take some photos.

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We have a bunny family living under our shed. My daughter leaves carrots for them. They’ve left no complaint notes on my door, so I think they like them.

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@cookieman Oh yeah, carrots are fine in moderation but they have a lot of sugar. But hey, if you’re a homeless bunny that’s manna from heaven. haha

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@Coloma: We’ll have to swap in some lettuce.

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The rabbits we had as pets went nuts over apple peels and carrots leaves and stems.

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Cowslip, or anything that El-Ahrairah ate.

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Thanks for the awesome answers so far!

It’s an all-brown bunny – looks like this bunny (found on google images but looks exactly the same except taller ears).

We have no interest in keeping it, I’d just love to encourage it to visit daily.

I’ll remember no celery

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@marmoset Taller ears, could it be a hare or jackrabbit, depending n your geographic zone? Looks like it is a wild rabbit, a Cottontail or maybe a Brush Bunny so your yard may already have something it is attracted too. You could also try getting some hay, if you know anyone with horses, or you can buy small bales in the pet stores like Petco. Also, a salt lick might attract it too. Have fun!

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The book Watership Down by Richard Adams was inspired by The Private Life of the Rabbit, 1964, by Ronald Lockley, a friend of his. Lockley lived on an island off the coast of Wales, which had previously only been inhabited by rabbits and shore birds. That might be a good starting point for understanding what a wild rabbit likes.

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Wild rabbits will eat the foods available to them in their particular habitats and there are quite a few species of wild rabbits around the world. Here in CA. we have 8 different species of rabbits and hares.

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