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Why is new York called the big apple?

Asked by noah (27points) August 2nd, 2008 from iPhone
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too easy…

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my understanding is that it was a reference to how cheap it was for the dutch to obtain it. there’s a saying, if something is cheap, that you got it “for an apple & an egg,” as in, for nothing. so new york (new amsterdam) was so cheap, so inexpensive, that they got it for an apple, but it was a really big buy… hence the big apple.

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@jacksonrice Inaccurate.

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@jackson; creative but belongs under the rubric of “fiction.”

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My Dad, a New Yorker, tells me that for a long time, New York was the apple growing state. New York City, being the largest city in the state, was therefore called the Big Apple.

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Hmph. ztraffic posts what I did and gets lurve and I get nada?? :(

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@AlenaD Hint: Many Flutherites don’t look at links. Try to include a text excerpt to whet their appetite. I’ll give lurve for first.

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