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Shouldn't pgns show up the same in both safari and ff?

Asked by Magnus (2871points) August 2nd, 2008

So I have this blog, and I made a background, saved it as a png, and it shows up differently in safari and ff/camino.

Yes, I know I should save it as ‘for web and devices’ in photoshop. But this guy I know told me that this isn’t needed for pngs! Is this true? Any suggestions?

I’ll only post a link if anyone asks, I’m no spammer.

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Could be a color profile issue. Gecko uses a different color profile than Webkit.

If you post a link I will take a look. That isn’t spam.

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Posting a link to a PNG image isn’t spam. :) Besides, we know you’re not a spammer.

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And I should have answered your question. ff/camino uses Gecko to render pages. Safari uses Webkit to render pages. They are totally different things.

And use the “Save For Web And Devices” options in Photoshop. It deals with some of the alpha channel crap. Not perfect but it usually works.

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Here’s the link.

The background and header looks completely different in ff. More blue.

Could use fb on the layout too, my first web project.

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I believe this is the link.

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That looks like a classic color profile issue. If I were the developer, this would be one of those things that I would shrug off and say “whatever.” It looks good both ways…it’s not as if the slightly different hue ruins your entire layout, you know?

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Thanks.. I guess, but personally I think it looks alot better in safari.

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Safari is the only browser that honors color profiles. For consistency within the page (like with HTML elements), I don’t embed color profiles in my web graphics.

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If you want everything to look like how it does in Safari now, try this.

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may i ask how you did that?

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Took a screenshot of what it looked like in Safari. That’s a handy way to sort of “flatten” an image. The data behind the image, at least.

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ah, and then you imported it to photoshop and saved fro web? smart.

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Nope, just took a screenshot and uploaded the screenshot.

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I have this problem too actually, I’ve read that Safari tries to make colors more vivid…


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my tips there would be to use a 1×1px bacground picture instead of a color code. that will allways work.

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