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How do I solve/prevent feline hair loss?

Asked by herstory (17points) July 21st, 2007

7 yr. old cat - appetite good - activity level great - recent bare spots on backs of legs, as if clippers taken to her (no small children about to blame, however) - no sores or redness - upon petting, seems to lose more hair than usual also. Best food to promote good skin/hair health? Retailer to find it at? Dry food preferred. Cost not an issue.

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My hampster suffered something like this also. He had mange. You may want to take her/him to a vet and get it checked out.

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Thanks . . . good thought . . . hmmm . . . can a pet that has not been exposed to other animals (ie: indoor only) contract mange?

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Just to be safe, I would definitely take your kitty to the vet if I were you. Sometimes things like this seem innocuous, however are the beginning signs of things that can be more serious. Good luck, and please let us know how it goes.

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My hamster was only ever inside. We had 2 cats at the time also, but neither of them showed signs of mange. I really don't know how he got it. Unless the cats acted as carriers. I suppose anything could be a carrier of it really.

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