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What's the best way to find a clean, safe, affordable place to live in Venice Beach this weekend (that doesn't involve Westside Rentals)?

Asked by NGAMNSTR (4points) August 2nd, 2008

Have been scouring CraigsList daily/nightly… Need to stay under $1,000/mo. I’m the perfect housemate, too!

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Try the LA Weekly’s classifieds (they have a sub-site called backpage that has personal listings); I searched under Venice and came up with a link to some interesting prospects for you.

Also,; may have a lead or two…Good luck!

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Have you tried the website “home away”?

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Could try and then click on free search thats what I did I searched it evry day until one popped up, I also at the same time drove up and down the decent streets looking for REAL rent signs, ignore the ones that say Westside they are just free advertising boards and hooks for westside they stick them everywhere even if place is gone just to get you to call, landlords think its a free board to advertise their place but it is really just a free billboard for westside.

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