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Uninstall application on mac?

Asked by clairedete (331points) August 2nd, 2008

I need to completely uninstall “transmission” from my macbook. help?

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what do you mean completely ? well, throw the app in the trash, then throw the pref file in the trash, tadaa

the pref file can be found in \library\preferences and then it should be called “org.m0k.transmission.plist”

but…why are you getting rid of it ? it’s the best app in my opinion

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AppZapper is an awesome free program that completely removes all traces of any application (other than files that were created by it).

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AppZapper’s pretty good, but you can also just find the files yourself. Mostly application’s files exist in these places:

[your home folder]/Library/Application Support/[application/company name]
[your home folder]/Library/Preferences/[some name that includes the application name]

But I second iwamoto… Transmssion is the best torrent app—and it’s not particularly large. Why get rid of it?

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AppDelete is another free option.

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Agreed. Macs are not like Windows PCs. Just drag the app into the trash and your done.

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I need to delete it because I’m going to college & apparently the authorities like to gather all us college students up & bust us for illegal downloading.
.. followup question: If I downloaded music files from Mininova with Transmission is there any way they could trace it back to me once Transmission is gone but the files are still on my computer?

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Is anyone going to be searching your computer? That’s probably illegal. As long as you don’t actually run any torrents while you’re at college, you’ll probably be just fine.

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