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What on Earth could these be?

Asked by AstroChuck (37428points) August 2nd, 2008 from iPhone

They look like and feel like grains of cornmeal but are a little larger. They litter the gutter and sidewalk under some trees and have obviously come from them. But they jump around like Mexican jumping beans. At first I thought the breeze was making them move but when I put some in the palm of my hand and brought them into my vehicle they continued to jump around. Could there be larvae inside? Have you seen these?

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can you post a pic?

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If he took a picture. Otherwise, how does he know what to Google to find a picture? Which brings us to… did you take a picture AC?
By the way, that’s pretty cool that something like this could exist in our area. How… exotic sounding. =)

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where are you?

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I could take a pic with my iPhone but what good would that do unless I’m given an email address to send it?
jholler- I’m in Sacramento on my mail route.

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Post it on a photo site. You don’t have one AC?

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You’re in the state capital, don’t isn’t there a state ag office there? UC used to have extensions all over the state, but ours down here closed. Maybe take it to a good nursery and ask.

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You could also take a photo on your iPhone and email it to Bob Tanem:

Be sure to describe what it’s doing as well, like you did here. He’s on tomorrow morning as well. My mom used to call just before the top of the hour when everyone else would hang up, and wait through the news. She’d always get on and he was great.

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I think I found it. They may be jumping galls. The’re tiny wasp larvae. They’re smaller than mexican jumping beans but act similarily. This site describes them as hordes of jumping fleas under the trees.

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@syz Cool. Lurve for you!

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syz-Great job! That’s exactly what I’ve found. There are both brown and yellow ones. That has to be it. Thanks! Have some Lurve as a reward.

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Thanks for posting this question, AC…...these are completely new to me! ‘Aint nature amazing?

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I gave you lurve ac for capitalizing “Earth”.

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Sounds freaky

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<<<doesn’t want to be around when wasps hatch

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I brought some home in a ziplock to show my 8 year old who has been asking for Mexican jumping beans and to show my grandsons who are currently staying with us. Wouldn’t you know it, they’ve stopped jumping. I don’t think I’ll have to worry about wasps hatching.

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lol, is this some kind of riddle?

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