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How to get a camera view on a mini R/C helicopter?

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) August 2nd, 2008

Which camera to use, which transmitter etc. It doesn’t have to be color, but it’s got to be reasonable.


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Spying on your neighbours yeh?

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I wouldn’t… :)

It’s for some nice airshots. And because we can. Right?

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Maybe this is something:

“De spy camera kan werken met de bijgeleverde adapter of op een 9 Volt batterij doormiddel van de bijgeleverde batterij-clip.
Dat maakt deze spycam zeer geschikt voor de modelbouw ( RC auto, trein, helikopter ).”

which means

“The spy-cam can work with an adapter or a 9 Volt battery using the battery-clip. That makes this spycam very suitable for modelbouw (RC-car, train, helicopter, I don’t know the translation for modelbouw at this time).”

And. drumroll, the site has payment methods we can use. Yay! I’ll ask @ parents tomorrow, after your approval. ;)


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I can’t really help. But this does make me want an RC helicopter.

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You might try Make Magazine or their website for help. They are great for helping home-engineers rig all sorts of equipment.

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How small is the helicopter? For a mini, weight is going to be a real issue.

You’ll have to mount at the center of gravity, and don’t expect good battery life.

The 9volt battery itself would be pretty heavy.

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Indeed Andrew. I can best first test if my copter can carry a 9 V battery itself before purchasing.

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Looking at the link, it looks like the camera itself only weighs 17 grams. Is the battery for the receiver? What’s the rotor span of the heli?

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From the site I bought it from ( ):

Size: (length x width x height) 190×20 x65 mm
Lengte: 190 mm
Rotor-Ø: 135 mm
Tailrotor-Ø: 33 mm
Weight: 10 grams

The 9V battery is for the camera. I must mount the cam to the copter and also the battery. I hope it can carry the weight.

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@klaas4: It looks to be a micro-mini. I used to have one… you’d be lucky if you can carry 10 grams with it.

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