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What program will allow me to burn DVDs (or CDs) in batch mode?

Asked by mabd (149points) August 2nd, 2008

Basically I have a lot of data to back up, at least 100 DVD’s worth. I’d like to set up all the data ahead of time and have them be burned to discs, with the only intervention required by me that I change the disc from the drive. Does anyone know of a program that would allow me to do this?

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Well, I actually answer this time seeing as that I forgot to post it last time round. What I was going to say, surely it’s cheaper and much more efficient to buy an external HDD and backup onto that surely would make more sense, hundreds of DVD’s would take up so much space, time, money and are just inconveinient in terms of archiving and ensuring you can find the right disk ;D As for answering your actual question I’m not too sure, I’d have thought that something like Alcohol 120% or Nero or another sort of programming (that is if you’re using Windows) but don’t quote me on that, I don’t backup onto disks in a batch method so I don’t know, I do hope someone else knows :/ if not I guess Googling for a long while may turn something up, I’ll see what I can find…if anything at all :S

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Thanks for the answer. Let me explain why I’m using DVD-Rs instead of backing it up to to hard drives. Firstly, I have a big collection of about 400 DVDs, so for continuity’s sake I want DVDs. Secondly, DVDs are cheaper. On a 500GB hard drive costs 72 dollars which comes to 14.4 cents a gig, whereas 100 DVD-Rs costs 35 dollars coming to 8.6 cents a gig (assuming conservatively that I only use 4 gigs on a disc, though the capacity is 4.4). Finally, and most importantly, I feel that DVDs are more reliable and longer lasting, especially through moves and potentially rough handling. Hard drives are notorious for being very sensitive to shock and being not 100% reliable.

As far as the effort involved in burning 100 discs, I agree its a really big job and I have already been thinking about switching to hard drives as backup, despite my concerns as mentioned. However, if I can find software that would let me burn in batch mode, it would make the job much easier; not much harder than using hard drives. Even with hard drives I need to organize the data, etc. so simply organizing them into discs and setting it in batch mode should not add much to the task.

I found software called disc juggler that has this feature. Thanks for the help!

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Aha, so you did the maths and you have a number of decent reasons, thankyou for enlightening me on the issue :) and I am even more thankful that you have told me the solution you came up with, others usually say ‘it’s okay now, I’ve found a solution’ I’m glad you’ve told me and I’ll be sure to check it out :)

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So anyway disc juggler did not exactly let me do this, I thought it had this option, but it actually doesn’t. If anyone knows of something that works still let me know…

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