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Natural beauty products?

Asked by tinyfaery (43479points) August 2nd, 2008

I am looking for a good brand of facial care products, particularly moisturizers with sunscreen. I will not use products tested on animals, but I’m a bit less strict on them containing animal products (though, I’d prefer they didn’t). I have tried Avalon Organics, Kiss My Face, and Jason, but they just do not compare to more traditional products. I’m getting older, and I want it to stop. :(
Okay, I know I can’t stop it, but I can try to slow it down.

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I use some Kiehls products which use all-natural ingredients and forego animal testing. They are based out of NY but they have a great website for ordering if there isn’t a reseller near you.

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Dr. Hauschka

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and i would note that i disagree about aloe (in the link)—i’ve used pure aloe on my face for years and love it—but it obviously doesn’t have sunscreen. i use a little pure vitamin e on any spot particularly dry (or that has a scar or might scar – might also be good for “smile lines”?) – or rub it on a bigger area at night before bed. also, not using soap, or using it less often (1x per day instead of twice, every few days instead of every day, once a week, once in a blue moon – depending on your habits) can really help keep some of your skins natural oils and then have less need for moisturizer. for my skin type washing with water, or occasionally with a natural soap or witchhazel on a cottonball, a good scrubby towel dry, and some aloe works very well. i realize that doesn’t answer your sunscreen part, but maybe it’s helpful anyway, since some of those things will help soften/protect your skin.

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also, and there are probably others – although i have to say i’m not great at searching for things on fluther

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@zina Thanks for the links. I’ll search better next time.

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My parents use Forever Living Products, which are all aloe based cosmetic and health products. They have soaps, creams, deodrants, hair products, and almost every other type of natural beauty product one can imagine. The company is located in Scottsdale, AZ and ships to my house in New Jersey. There website is if you are interested.

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You can do a web search for “vegan cosmetics”

I once came across a site that rated cosmetics on their Eco-friendliness (or whatever you want to call it) but I don’t recall the name -Sorry!!

I use products. I doubt they’re high on the all-natural scale, but they are effective… I wouldn’t pay those prices if they didn’t work!

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my wife loves the natural products – currently she uses Weleda she has used it for a year without complaints.

my wife also noticed the comment about Dr. Hauschka – she said she broke out after it, and her cosmetologist said that “breaking out for two months after it is normal, because it is cleansing you” – my wife stopped it after 10 days.

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There are numerous natural beauty products which is really helpful to make the skin fair. But i use Niacinamide cream which is made up of natural things. Niacinamide cream are having lots of natural remedies which is really good for skin.

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