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If you had to work in the back/stockroom for retail stores wal-mart or Marshalls/TJX Company, which one would be better as a career path?

Asked by ChaoSS (143points) September 6th, 2016

Ok, So we both know about the retail stores Wal-mart and Marshalls. Both are fairly large companies that employ people. My question is, if you were to only work at one of these stores for 10–20 plus years (With no intent on going to college or obtaining a degree) then would you have been better off working in a Wal-Mart or Marshalls?

Let’s also say then for more info that you would be working in the stock/backroom and possibly expanding into merchandising or putting things on the shelves etc… but you would never really get to the cash registers (So you could still become a supervisor/coordinator but not a manager etc…)

Opinions or thoughts? Wal-Mart or the TJX companies (Who own marshalls, home goods etc…)

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This answer is the result of some judicious Googling.

Walmart has the distinction of being known for internal promotion – 70% of managers were promoted to manager from within. However, and I’ve done the math on this before in another question, the statistical likelihood that any given employee will be promoted to the first level manager means one would have to work there for 17 years to guarantee such a promotion. They have so many hourly workers, turnover is high, and their yearly raises are laughable. 20 cents. 60 cents, maximum, if your performance is flawless, no matter how long you’ve been working there. Here (PDF) is their pay plan circa 2013

Marshall’s – This review on Glassdoor suggests that the company is kinder (paycheck-wise) to outside applicants for manager positions than it is to people who are working up the ladder.

My recommendation? Try to stay out of retail.

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Going only on what I see of employees moods/expressions when I’ve gone into those stores, I’d go with the TJX group.

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The thing to note about both outfits is that just as with the fast food outlets, these corporations do not derive their profits from any scheme involving career advancement. In fact, it would be fair to state, that their outlook is one deliberately engineered for success with minimum regard to employee retention. It deresses me that so many questions coming through here recently are variations on “which is preferable, starvation or slow suffocation?”. I find myself pining for the good old days of blood type and illuminati queries.

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I’d choose TJ Maxx or Marshalls because I would enjoy seeing all the decorative import items and housewares, furniture, throw pillows, area rugs, etc. The clothes, shoes and other dull, dime a dozen merchandise would be a nightmare. As a former interior designer I love finding cool, artsy , funky, decorative items, the rest would just be boring and WalMart would top the list for boring crap items catering to the glut of mass consumerism.

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Neither. Retail is the wrong choice. Try to get a job with the state or federal government, a utility or cable company, or an insurance company (not agency) where you will learn and have opportunities for advancement. Think about that large Walmart store… many people ever get an opportunity to get to management?

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@Seek My step daughter in law was only there 3 years when she was promoted to assistant manager. Two years later she was promoted to manager. She’s making about $40,000 a year. However, she works grueling hours, and they switch on her. She works holidays and weekends. She’s currently on nights. She was also given a store that’s about a 45 minute drive away, instead of the one that’s a few minutes from her house. The reason is her son in law works at the store in her town.
She has younger children (7 – 12 at this point, 2–7 when she started) and child care is an utter nightmare. The people she has to depend on, and can depend on, to provide free care are not people I would allow any where near my children. History of abuse on both sides.

It’s not a job for the faint of heart.

I would much rather work for TJMax.

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