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Why are human females the only animals that have menstruation?

Asked by Sneki95 (6987points) September 6th, 2016

Never heard of any animal that has menstruation, except us humans.

Why is that? What kind of evolutionary stuff did lead us to have periods?
How come other animals/mammals don’t have periods and menstruation?

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Dogs bleed for 3 weeks when they are in season, certain species of monkeys too as well as several species of bats including the Fulvous Fruit Bat and the Elephant Shrew. Mares, while they do not bleed, excrete large amounts of pheromone laced fluids when in their Oestrous cycles.

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Your question is misinformed. Google it. Do some reading. Heck, learn something about evolutionary biology while you are at it.

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Other mammals experience menses. It is merely that the exterior evidence of this is far less pronounced in other animals. I expect that this extravagant shunting of so great an investment in bodily resources to monthly disposal must be due to the requirements involved with carrying a big brained creature to term. You notice that in prolonged lean times or periods requiring sustained physical effort, the menstrual cycle is the first thing the body shuts down.

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Great link @cazzie

An interesting read.

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I do science stuff as a hobby, @BellaB I host a group on Fridays.

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Everybody knows that this is the curse handed down by God to Woman for seducing Adam into eating the apple. And in this way, she is responsible for original sin and must be closely watched and not given responsibilities outside the home.

One hundred years ago, the majority of Christians actually believed that.

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Eve and the serpent were punished while Adam, the spineless wonder, who caved to temptation and applied no critical thinking skills got off scott free. I guess personal responsibility had no place in this tall tale, clearly. haha

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Geez, give the OP a break.

Humans are the only species that insists on talking about it.

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@SecondHandStoke Nobody is giving anybody a hard time, just pointing out the fallacy of the question based on no, easily done, research.
Why wouldn’t humans communicate on their biological functions, considering we are the only species that has the language skills to do so?

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It’s an interesting question.

Also, human females are the only mammal to have unnaturally enlarged mammary glands 14/7/365 after puberty that serve no real purpose.

And why do women even have orgasms?

@cazzie, I read the link in your article about the poor women of Nepal and Banglades. Why do we always get such lousy shit in our lives? Do men think we are so powerful that we have to be smashed down all over the place, all the time?

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Edit, 24/7/365.

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@cazzie Thanks fro the link. That was informative and interesting.

@Espiritus_Corvus Sarcasm? Thanks anyways.
I am not surprised, though. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are people who still think that.

@Coloma Adam didn’t get scott free. He was punished together with Eve and the Serpent. Eve was punished with pain while delivering a child and eternal submissiveness to man, the serpent was punished to forever crawl the earth (it had legs that were taken away) and be an enemy of humans, and Adam was punished by being kicked out of Eden and cast to live a life of hardship and misery. Their descendants too (this is why we don’t have nice things in life). I am talking about the tale, don’t think I actually believe in this.

@Dutchess_III @stanleybmanly Thank you.

@SecondHandStoke Eh, should’ve researched.

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@Sneki95 That wasn’t sarcasm. I don’t like sarcasm. Sarcasm is disingenuous, reeks of cynicism and accomplishes nothing useful. It would have been sarcasm if I’d left out the fine print at the bottom.

It was history, spoken as it would have been by a Catholic priest in the last century to girls in a Catholic high school—and a reminder of how far we’ve come since then. Thank goodness.

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@Espiritus_Corvus Oh, I see it now. I misread it, sorry.
And yes, good thing it is not the mainstream belief anymore.

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