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What do your dogs sound like when they howl?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43563points) September 6th, 2016

They set off the tornado sirens every Tuesday at noon, to make sure they work. Lots of dogs in the neighborhood start howling. My goofy Dutchess dog is one of them, and she tries to howl, rolling her eyes at me as if to apologize because she can’t help it, and she sounds like a spastic rabbit having a heart attack. It’s really ridiculous.

I’ve only heard Dakota, our German Shepherd, howl twice. The first time was when we lost her little friend, Rascal, who had shown up on our doorstep. We’d had him for a week, when the owners tracked him down here. He was a cool little dog and Dakota loved him. We lost him, and that same day Rick left town for one of his first overnight business trips.
That evening Dakota went out on the deck and cried a long, wavering, heart broken howl of loss into the night. It almost made me cry.

The second time was several years ago. I was still in bed when the sirens went off. Suddenly this powerful, deep howl fired up from the living room next door. It was so on key, so haunting and it just filled the house until it was ringing off of the walls. I got goose bumps and I instinctively dove under the covers and curled up in to a ball, going, “Oh, Jesus!” It was eerie and I was enveloped in it.

So, what does your dog sound like when they howl?

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Patsy Stone (Black Lab mix) has never howled.

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Russell doesn’t howl. He barely ever barks. He communicates almost entirely by pathetic stare and more-pathetic whine.

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The neighbours Niande (9th) howls just after 10pm if she is left out in the kennel and not fed. She sounds hungry and sad. We dog-sat her for a week this summer and she never howled. She was never made to sit out in the kennel and slept on my sofa for the most part. Lovely, lovely dog. I wouldn’t mind getting one of that breed.

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When she howls people mistake my dog for Wayne Newton.

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I don’t have a dog anymore but man, my neighbors Chihuahua shrieks and howls and yaps at any and every-little-thing. Thankfully the dogs never bark at night, only mornings when everyone is gone.
Seriously, I can’t tell you how many times a day I wish that dog dead, seriously dead.
I have never been prone to murderous thoughts but that damn little dog, I am not ashamed to admit I have visualized picking her up by the nape of her neck and strangling the life out of her. lol

The older I have gotten the more noise sensitive I have become and seriously, barking, howling, shrieking dogs invoke a murderous internal rage in me. haha
Once in awhile, no biggy, but on and off for hours on end, yep, die your worthless mongrels.

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@cazzie Niande? What breed of dog is that? Sounds delightful. (I miss having a dog):(

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@si3tech the word, Niande, means 9th in a dialect of Swedish. -the breed of dog is this:

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Bad link @cazzie. BAD link! Down. DOWN cazzie!

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it wont work for you…. I guess you don’t get to have this dog. It’s too good for you.

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Celine Dion’s orgasm

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@cazzie РIs this the breed?övare


Every now and then , the real Bella throws back her head howls. Very odd in such a tiny dog. She sounds like a big hound, not a tiny kleenex box cover. She howls when she misses someone – most often me or her Baba Evda.

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My basset hound used to howl, but she’s been gone a while now. Problem was, she was so so lazy, she’d lose energy mid-howl and fall asleep.

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Yes, BellaB that was the link I was trying.

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@cazzie Beautiful hound!

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I love the hound breeds. I had a monster, 90 lb. Coonhound once upon a time. He was a german Plott Hound and American Walker strain Foxhound X. He was a beast, could run for hours and had a bay that made pictures go crooked on the wall and the piano vibrate. haha

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owowowowowowowoooOOOOF! OOF OOF Oowowowowww snort

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lol!! You forgot your musical notes, @trolltoll!

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Niande is a special girl. She is number 9 in her litter, just like me, and she has an autoimmune disease, just like me. She is sick and had a hard start in life with her first owner dying unexpectedly, but she is so smart and so loving. We will be her official dog sitters when our lovely neighbours go on vacation. I have the best neighbours.

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