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What is your shoe size?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) September 7th, 2016

Question inspired by @stanleybmanley

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Nike’s 13
Florsheim’s 11
Swedish clogs 44
Kamehameha flip flops 11½
Sperry Top Siders 12
Raul Torres riding boots 12
LL Bean 12½

Go figure

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As @Espiritus_Corvus has noted, size can be very brand dependent. In some brands I wear a 7W, in others a 7, in still others 8 or 8.5. In European sizing I can run from a 36 in Birkenstocks to 39 in some Chinese imports.

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Clarks and hikers 11.5
Mandals 12
Bowling rental shoes 12

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USA-womens 8

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UK 9 but I take a 10 when I try a pair of the wife’s Jimmy Choo’s as those killer heels tend to pinch a little

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Womens 6.5 – 7.

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Women’s size 5½ – 6.

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US Men’s 12 EE
Europe 46

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71/2 or 8 depending on the shoe/boot.

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@ragingloli Those things your sex partner Black Beauty wears

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Lotta men with big feet here in the lagoon. Just sayin’.

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Men’s 11 on the wide side with a high arch..

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You people have huge feet. I have shoes from size 9 to size 11 US.

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I don’t know.

By that I mean I have never had a pair of shoes that fit well.

The pair I currently wear most often are a 7-wide, from Walmart. They’re old-lady shoes, with a wide toe-box and memory foam insoles. My heels slide out of them when I walk, so I know they’re too long, but the size below were too tight on the sides.

If my feet were normal-shaped, probably a 6, 6½.

I have a severe hallux valgus deformity that’s only getting worse with time. I should, theoretically, talk to a surgeon about getting them fixed, but there’s no real guarantee that the surgery will solve the problem. I’ll likely still be in chronic pain and the deformity will likely grow back over time. Meh.

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Depends on the manufacturer. Mostly mens 14, but I had to get a 15 tennis shoe because that manufacturer’s shoes ran small.

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Pregnancy often makes a womans feet wider. I was always a 7–71/2 until I had my daughter and then I was closer to an 8 or a solid 8.

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Women’s 8

You have a foot fetish?~

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In US 14 EEEE. Of a 15 in smaller cut shoes.

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Depends on the fit but either 5 or 6.

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Men’s 8½ – 11 depending on age, brand, style, quality, and how much I like them.

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I wear a 13 wide with a large instep.
I used to think that was big. Now my sister’s 13 year old grandson wears a 15, and is still growing.

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Wow! I am not used to seeing so many shoe sizes over size 12! My boys are 13 and 14’s and feet that size make buying footwear off the shelf a daunting task.

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Mr. Seek wears a 9½.

Always a 9½.

He can buy shoes on the Internet and they ALWAYS fit.


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In a demonstration of the perfection of the world, my shoes are an exact match for the size of my feet. How is that for Panglossian perfection, eh?

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@CWOTUS Whoa! That is voodoo magic!

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I figure that’s the way the gods want it, so that’s the way it is.

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I have good feet for shoes from Goodwill. The majority of the shoes are in close proximity to my size. I almost never buy brand new shoes from a store. Why spend $40, $50, $100 bucks when you can get the same thing, new or almost new, for <$10? These were $9.99, which is the highest priced I’ve ever seen shoes there.

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@Dutchess_III All you need are some black and white striped stockings then you would look like the Wicked Witch of the West. lol JK.

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Nah. The shoes are brown, not black!

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@Dutchess_III , looks like you’ve snagged one of my favourite pairs of almost winter boots. Nice find. I’m a fan of thrifted shoes. I’m wearing bronze Birks that I found at Boutique V V . So great.

I’m still mad at Mr. @Seek . The same size, every time. It never happens for me.

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I’m a fan of the Bear Paw or Ugg boots, or their knock offs. I love them so much, warm, comfy and easy to walk in. A lot of people think they are completely fugly but I like them. My high heeled days are over now, have a bad left ankle and the last time I wore high heeled boots I twisted it so badly. It sucks, but hey, it is what it is.

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Tall gal with a size 11 foot!

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@Seek Yeah, they kind of have that cowboy boot look when you wear them with jeans. Shit-kickers are popular around here, although I, myself, don’t actually have any.

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10 today.
I bought a pair of Sketchers with Memory Foam insole.
96% new for $3.

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Big Jake here takes a 30 inch steel bar to make one shoe.
Now that’s a really big shoe. haha

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Good to see you @tranquilsea! Missed you.

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@Dutchess_III I’ve missed you guys too :)

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