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Using MacBook Pro as Network Bridge?

Asked by Unit134679 (96points) August 2nd, 2008

I want to use my MacBook Pro as a network bridge for my Xbox 360. How can I achieve this if it is possible

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If you have cable/dsl or any other high speed internet connection, I would suggest installing a router and just plugging your macbook and your 360 into the built in switch.

Using the bridging method will add more headache than the money you’d save on a router/switch solution.

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If you have a wired ethernet uplink and the 360 has a wireless adapter, you can use network connection sharing to share the internet access the ethernet adapter to your wireless via a computer-to-computer/ad-hoc network. The converse is also true; if you have wireless internet access, you can route and NAT onto your wired ethernet adapter.

In OS X System Preferences, in the Sharing module, look at Internet Sharing. The panel looks a little bit different in each version of OS X.

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I don’t think 360 has built in wireless network capability. The best way is to have both devices attached to the same NAT device. If you already have a multiport router, just get an ethernet cable and plug it into the 360 to the router…if it has wireless, you can get an ethernet to wireless bridge and get wireless to your 360.

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well, i tried this one but i couldn’t get it to work, then again, i didn’t try a lot, i hooked it via cable, and received my internet wireless, shared it, however, the 360 didn’t receive an IP address, oh well, maybe there’s an app for it

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that may have been for the simple reason of you not using a crossover cable. I always advise against ICS due to the massive headaches and lack of control that it entails.

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i tried it with the crossover cable, and then again, i’m using a macbook pro, that can cross a straight cable if necessary

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My router is in a different room than my Xbox at the moment. I connect wirelessly on my Mac and I want to share my internet to my Xbox via the ethernet port. So I just have to change some settings in Sharing?

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You can see how to set the sharing preferences on Leopard here. First set the drop-down list for the Share your connection from setting, then check the box for Ethernet, and finally you can turn the sharing on with the check box on the left next to Internet Sharing. The internet sharing check box won’t get enabled until you set the other two settings.

You can ignore the remote management and remote login checkboxes.

As iwamoto said, a straight through ethernet cable should work; your MacBook Pro should automatically switch the transmit and receive for you.

winblowzxp is also right; this is not a good long term solution.

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Just run a long ethernet cable – Xbox live can be tempermental at low ‘net speeds, so it’s best to get the fastest connection you can by running a cable. Out of one window and into another, or if not possible just loose through the house.

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This guy got it figured out. I had this same problem and I just got it to work yesterday, so I know it works. You merely have to manually set the Xbox IP to the second root network that your mac creates. ( If you copy the info on there directly, and turn on Internet sharing, it should work fine. It did for me. Sorry it comes about 10 months too late, but I figure it’ll help the next guy that googles this like I did. :)

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