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How long has fluther been around and what was the 1st question asked?

Asked by aisyna (963points) August 3rd, 2008
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jonno's avatar is probably the first question

I’m not too sure on the “history” of Fluther but I think I’ve read that Fluther existed in a different form prior to this version. Someone who has been around longer would know more about this.

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I was not going to chime in here, because I am not nearly as up on the history as a lot of other Flutherers, who I thought would have given you a response by now. From the NY Times:

“In early 2006, Ben Finkel and Andrew McClain, friends from Brown University, started, an online knowledge-sharing collective, when both were living in San Francisco. ”

Per this thread, the first question was “What’s so special about salt and pepper?” asked by Ben.

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LOL, i love how at least half of the answers are from Ben

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