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What happened to the warning for asking duplicate questions?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17720points) September 9th, 2016

It hasn’t worked for a year or two. You would get a list of similar questions with links. Its not the Related link. I’m ending up asking the same questions that I forgot that I asked half a year ago.

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I’m currently seeing this working if I type in “test?” as my question.

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I did an experiment and my results are that it works sometimes. Eg if I start to ask “What’s in the trunk/boot of your car?” it does not find the question I asked a month ago but if I start to ask “Harry Potter pop quiz question?” it comes up with the question I asked also a month ago.

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@Stinley Yeah, it doesn’t always work fantastically, especially getting confused with matching long strings of text.

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