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Scarring, good, bad or ugly?

Asked by Cardinal (2921points) August 3rd, 2008

I went to a late afternoon wedding last night. There was a young (30ish) y/o woman there. She had several tattoos but also had many, maybe 75 or so scars on each arm from the shoulder to her wrist. These were on the tops both arms and were evenly spaced each about 1 or 1 1/2 inchs long. Some were very old and faded, others had just healed and still looked tender.

Now: My wife said she was a nutbag, period. I didn’t disagree, but said that some people consider scarring with a razor, a form of body modification and it is perfectly acceptable in some circles.

My wife thought I was totally wrong and may also be a nutcase. What is it?

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To each their own but I feel cutting is totally stupid if for nothing else for infection issues. Then again I don’t have any tattoos either.

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scars are cool when you earn them. When you do it on purpose, there’s no story. Scars should have a story behind them.

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Its weird, It also might have something to do with self respect, I mean we don’t live in a country where we have no access to morals or G-d, I can understand some backwater culture doing it because they have no Knowledge otherwise. But someone who grows up in a country that is somewhat smart, it makes no sense. I took out nine piercings from my face because one day I woke up and said “what the fuck was I thinking”

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I’m not a fan of scarification.

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It sounds to me as if this person is in the process of having some or all of the tattoos removed. It is a very long process where they use a laser. Actually what they are doing if I understand this correctly, while they laser it is also replacing darker colors with a much lighterpigmentation or skin tone. I actually watched the process being done on tv where prison inmates who have become heavily tattooed while incarcerated wanted theirs removed. Sorry, I digress…
Anyway, each area they laser (is burning the skin) this can leave a scar. This the pigment ink added back. Eventually will look very good better than all the tattoos

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Despite what most of its (limited, thank goodness) proponents say, I believe that scarification is a form of mental illness. It is different from cutting, which is a mental disorder in which people attempt to release emotional pain by causing themselves physical pain.

In either case, the individual deserves compassion.

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Rev: Tattoo removal, is actually done in color stages. Each color is removed by a laser. First black ink then red, blue, green etc… And not at the same time! As I said, long process depending on size and colors. All that said. I believe I spoke hastily. Perhaps, it isn’t tattoo removal, but then again, one shall never know.
Personally, I hope it’s due to the removal and not the cutting of ones self.

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