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Is there a song or piece of music that when it plays you either switch stations or turn off the music altogether?

Asked by msh (4262points) September 10th, 2016 from iPhone

Who, which or what song is it you dislike? Do you ever just suffer through it while gritting your teeth?

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I only listen to the radio in the car and there are a lot of songs I dislike. I have the station changer thing on the steering wheel, so I’m constantly changing stations. Sometimes it’s a matter of “which song do I dislike the least?”

When I hear a song I do like, it often brings me right back to the place and time that it’s from in my life.

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Meatloaf. I won’t do that. Nope, I will not listen to it. It is one of those songs that just grates on my nerves. I cannot stand it.

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Anything that is rap.

Most opera.

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I do not listen to Radio, so I do not have that Problem.

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I listen mostly to classical these days. I’m not a music snob, just prefer that to most of the new stuff. I do turn off classical pieces that don’t fit my mood, especially in the car. If a piece is too rousing or too funerial for that particular time of day, off it goes.

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My daughter likes broadcast radio in the ride to school during the morning. Pop music, morning drive-time shows. “So-and-So in the Morning” stuff.

I like or tolerate most of it. I only ask her to change the channel on certain rap or EDM songs. Drake and Kanye West come to mind. Soo very dumb. Other than that, I’m happy to keep up on the new popular songs.

It’s the only time I listen to broadcast radio. Rest of the day it’s podcasts or my personal music collection piped through my phone via Bluetooth.

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I like the banter from local radio stations morning teams. There are two rock stations I can think of where the DJs (or “on air personalities”) talk about local stuff and their own stuff, and it’s pretty entertaining. It also helps keep me in the loop about local happenings and what’s good and what’s not.

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Gangsta Rap, bleeding heart Country, Boy Bands and any song that employs voice box vocal modulation will get switched off immediately.

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I listen to one radio station all the time. I’ve been listening to it exclusively for about 30 years. I don’t change the dial, even when they play something I don’t like. It’s primarily a news analysis/radio documentary/comedy station so the couple of hours a day they have music on is fine. I don’t love the new country program they started on Fridays but it’s only an hour and I can leave the house to walk the dog or swim or garden or visit with neighbours.

I’ve wired the radio into the bathroom light fixture so when you go in the bathroom…. there’s the CBC , continuing on with what I/you were listening to elsewhere in the house.

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Pretty much anything pop, country, gospel or non-rock or blues related.

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hey jude, bridge over troubled waters But not a problem because I listen to talk radio.

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There’s one piece by Bizet and a flute concerto by Vivaldi that I utterly loathe. Within the first two or three notes, I know what it is and I’m dashing for the Off button. I listen to classical music by preference (and I love opera), and my art teacher plays it in class too, but we both kill that Bizet number the instant it comes on.

The Bizet sounds to me like the musical equivalent of cinderblocks, sheet metal, and barbed wire. The Vivaldi invariably make me think of a bird trapped with a chained ankle and flapping desperately to escape. I’d rather listen to heavy metal or even country music than either of those pieces.

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Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond

Honey by Bobby Goldsboro

No links will be provided.

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Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond

@filmfann: Then don’t ever attend a Red Sox game at Fenway. They play it at every game and everyone sings along — loudly and drunkenly.

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“My Sharona.”
I’ll not link or wish the song on others.

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There are a bunch of em, but the seminal tune that I remember vividly as driving me crazy in its relentless repetition was Percy Faith’s rendition of “The Theme from a Summer Place” I was a teenager, marooned in a square as a brick Midwestern town with its single white bread top 40 A M radio station, and that fkn tune blared out 4 times an hour round the clock. Those squealing tinny violins would shriek from passing cars, public restrooms, diners, gas station garages. It was the Summer and Fall of no escape, and the insipid vapid piece of torture would chase me even through my dreams. To this day, I react very badly at just the thought of that insufferably trite piece of soul diminishing pap.

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@filmfann Wow! I agree on that “Honey” tune. That song was irritating beyond belief. And its “nails on the chalkboard” effect on me would delight my evil sisters no end. It too was played ad nauseum, and listening to Goldsboro’s whining of those stupidly cliched simpleton lyrics was like having your teeth drilled.

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