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I am getting new tires for my truck tomorrow - should I have the white Firestone lettering visible, or should I keep them as blackwalls?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28841points) September 10th, 2016

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I don’t particularly see any cachet in advertising Firestone so I would stay with blackwalls.

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White lettering, like whitewalls, can be a nice sporty accent but hard to keep clean. Plus if you scrape a curb you could rough them up and make them look bad so maybe it’d be better to have the blackwalls out. It’s your call, really. If I had a nice truck and can keep myself away from curbs and the like, I might go white lettering side. ?

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Blackwalls. Over time, white lettering would get worn and dirty. Also, as @janbb mentioned, why give free publicity to Firestone?

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Blackwalls. Whitewalls haven’t had any cachet in fifty years.

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I usually sport the black side

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thanks all. Black it shall be.

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I usually have the blackwalls for the same reason I try to by my clothes without the brand name splashed across them; they don’t pay me to advertise their stuff.

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Not a fan of Firestone.

My father once bought a set of four and had two blowouts and came out to a flat tire in the morning, all within a week. The dealer took care of each problem but there was no compensation, only replacement. After the flat he took it in and demanded they remove the tires and replace them with Goodyears. They did it, no questions asked and no additional charges involved

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Not a fan of Firestone either.

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They haqd that explosion issue some years ago and a massive recall, I recall.

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@janbb – yes they had that big recall with Explorers and Firestone tires around 1998. I was one of the ones who was recalled – actually they treated me very well during that time, and that’s why I keep buying that brand.

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Firestone has pulled shenanigans outside of faulty tires.

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Black walls

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