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Is twerking on your boyfriend in public offensive?

Asked by Eggie (5865points) September 12th, 2016

In a club or party, some dancehall music is playing and you and your boyfriend are getting into the music, and you decide to twerk on him; would you worry about what others would think of you? Is it bad manners?

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twerking in general is offensive.

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Get a room.

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Yes, bad manners and rather rude to those around you.

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Depends on the venue. Hip hop club? Whatever. At a wedding reception? Definitely rude.

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Depends on the audience / location as suggested a club it might be ok as most of the couples might be doing it already..not in social gatherings.

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How is twerking any different from any other dancing (think: The Twist, the Frug) from any other period of time?

It’s dancing in a way that upsets older people, probably because of the suggestive sexuality. That’s what people said about the Twist in the 1960s.

@Eggie – twerking doesn’t do anything for me, but if it works for you, then go for it.

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Because it’s literally air-fucking?

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^^can you get an air-bj or is that just redundant?

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if you think that’s redundant you’re getting the wrong kind of blow-job.

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^^ I do recall a joke in Playboy one time along These lines.

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If the couple isn’t actually good at twerking it just looks stupid. People need actual dance training to make it work.

I have some friends who are fabulous dancehall dancers and twerking looks fine, if sexual, when they’re doing it.

But done badly which is what most people do it’s lame.

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I liked twerking when I first encountered it, I’m a bit off it now. I think the big wobbly ass and jiggling it is kind of overdone. Much like porno lips. I wouldn’t really mind though. In a way, it is a cultural dance. As in, it’s a time of big asses, media trash and current pop culture.

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Public Displays of Affection are frowned upon in polite society.

I am not sure about societies that nominate cheeto colored racist gas bags.

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If a girl & her boy think it cool for her to shake like a shitting dog, then genuinely…good luck with that

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Aside from a hip hop club, I can think of no other places where it is not offensive.

It’s not really dancing.
It’s basically having sex with your clothes on, plain and simple. So, yes, it’s offensive in most places. There’s nothing artistic about it at all. It’s just grinding.

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It’s sorta like dry humping from the other direction. Something no one wants to watch.

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^^ and I might add something that no one wants to experience (dry humping that is).

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Judging from its apparent current popularity, it looks like most of the guys aren’t really minding the girls booty grinding into their crotch.

It’s surprising they can keep their pants dry.

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Hmmm. Dry humping leads to wet crotches. Let me thing on that for a while.

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Well, yuh, @rojo! Not for the girls so much, but easy enough for the guys.

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