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Forget the iPod and MP3 player. What CD or Tape are you embarrassed to admit you purchased and own?

Asked by mrjadkins (1256points) August 3rd, 2008

Call it a guilty pleasure for the older generation of music purveyors! What CD or Tape did you purchase at one time only to find that it wasn’t generally accepted or popular to like? Do you still own this album? Come on, you know you still listen to it and like it….right?

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I have many in this category but the one that stands out was an 80s metal band from Russia – Gorky Park! I remember they had a video on MTV at one time too. I bought the tape thinking I was into something that was going to catch on especially with the fall of communism.

I actually went to iTunes today thinking of that song and album. It doesn’t even appear in iTunes. ha ha

Oh gosh, I hope someone else posts a response or else I will really feel like a jackass admitting that.

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My first CD was Aqua Aquarium. (I was very very young).

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(i gotcha cover mrjadkins, there’s plenty of embarrassment for all of us)

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Survivor by Destiny’s Child. man was I desperate (ok my sister made me buy). It was a CD since tapes were a bit before my time.

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Each and every Boyz II Men album. Collection started on tape and evolved to CD.

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I’ll do you all in! I bought a Leif Garrett ALBUM! Does anyone remember him?

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I had my mom buy me a Bon Jovi cassette when I was in third grade because as a reward for making honor roll. I thought Bon Jovi was something badasses listened too at the time. I listened to the song Bad Medicine over and over.

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I remember Leif Garrett but I did not know he had an album.

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I still have 2 tapes—Depeche Mode Some Great Reward & The Cure Standing On a Beach. I am not ashamed at all. My first album was Oliva Newton John. Sooo embarassing!!!

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Boner Jams ‘98. (+5 Points to whoever names that movie)

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@Lovelocke – I was thinking Anchorman at first but I will go with 40 Year Old Virgin. I think the same guy in both movies said it: Paul Rudd.

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Boing @ Mr. Jadkins! 40 Year Old Virgin it is!

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How are you going to give him the 5 points you promised?

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By voting “Great Answer”...

…and you’re done :)

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I would have to say, the Goofy Movie 1 CD. I thought those songs where the best thing to ever happen to music… till I got into High School. I was also one of the few who actually bought Aqua’s Barbie single.

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ABBA. Heh heh. Now I’m off to see the movie at my local multiplex.

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@augustian: Damn, I don’t believe I’d a told that one brother!

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I have a Culture Club CD. Okay you guys…No making fun of me!

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Hanson… mmmbop!
I remember my sister used to say I wasn’t allowed to like them because she did haha, good times :P

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The Go-Go’s – Vacation

Oh, god…

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No no no. The Go-Gos rock!!!!

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A Jump 5 cd…. cough

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ummmmmm, pop for kids, i was really young and i had bad taste in music

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