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What is the weirdest place you have ever masturbated?

Asked by bunkin (223points) August 3rd, 2008

Where did you do it and why did you do it there?

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The restroom of an Arby’s in Las Vegas. I was living in a homeless shelter at the time and that was the most privacy I could find.

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While sitting in Limbo.

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12 out of 50 United States. Dubai. In a room full of sleeping people. Fast food restaraunts. Libraries. Middle School, High School, College, Radio School. At a SAG actor meeting. Public parks. Beginning, middle, and end of every date I go on… in addition to any actual action I may get. I did it twice just now.


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Go going Lovelocke! Don’t quit now. I just know you can make it all 50. Diligence!

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What was with the video though?

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Lovelocke, you’re quite a busy little fellow. Maybe you should seek help from another person. A girlfriend perhaps, they can teach you a few new tricks.

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You must have missed a previously declaration I made in a thread about “long distance relationships”. If there’s a girl out there who can teach me ANY new tricks, I haven’t met them… and I’ve met a few :(

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Don’t listen to Indy. Nobody likes a quitter. I’m pulling for you, Big Guy!

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@loser: The question was “Why?” and the answer was “Because we can… etc”. I thought it was cute.

Also for those who’d like to know:
New Mexico

…should we count Puerto Rico? Probably not. Not really a state, I guess.

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On the lawn of a reggae concert. I may not have been the only one!

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AstroChuck- I admire your enthusiasm to support LoveLocke on his quest. So, if you beat em, join em, may i suggest take a trip to the East Coast, Lovelocke, i would appreciate it you ressumed your wonderful work at the Garden State.

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Weird. No.

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All guys in this thread, huh?

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Yea, I was going to ask if any ladies ever got the urge?

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Umm… I’m going to go with no. Can’t you people wait?

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Im with tinyfaery its for the bedroom…and not any of the other places such as LoveLocke mentioned.

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“13 states and territories” – that’s how you count Puerto Rico, lovelocke

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@Indy318: Yes. And that is all I will say in a public forum.

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Church. I resented being there so yeah.

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good god… fluther will moderate anything.

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I’m surprised this question has stayed on this long. They probably got this question on top of their list of potentially removed. One more questionable remark, and then its poof, lost in cyberspace.

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boo!!! I was really interested being as my friends and I were having a conversation about it and I won… It was in a public park in some guys truck.

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Bathroom at work during work hours. A train. In a car while driving.

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The shower.
This further proves what a boring person I am.

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@Lovelocke In the context of this question, your avatar made me lol

I was on a weekend kayaking trip between the San Juan Islands off the coast of Seattle when I was but a young lad. The sky was clear that night, with a light breeze. The camp was quiet, and only a few adults were still around the fire- I yanked it in the woods.

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On the head of my boyfriend.

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