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What are the differences between left-libertarians and modern liberals?

Asked by mayday01 (18points) September 14th, 2016

Both political orientations are leftists, so what separates the two?

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It seems to me that the 2 philosophies part company when it comes to defining the role of the state.

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Liberals tend to be authoritarian, the opposite of libertarian.

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They’re not both “leftists”.

Liberalism is a right-wing political philosophy. It is pro-capitalist, propertarian, and its conception of equality is about everyone having the same “rights”—enshrined by a centralised “representative” government that changes every few years with supposedly democratic elections.

Its more “leftist” strain is social-liberalism—which is about mere amelioration of social inequality rather than doing anything about the causes. It’s also about a million miles away from left-libertarianism.

Left-libertarianism is a broad umbrella term that encompasses everything from anarchist communism to mutualism and agorism. I don’t use the term because it’s just too broad, and I don’t like some of the political perspective which have latched on to the left-libertarian label in recent years. They generally share a conception of society and economy that is radically more decentralised, and most of which propose some alternative to capitalist production and property.

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“Left libertarian” is a contradiction in terms. No one is truly a left libertarian. Libertarian means someone who wants to do as he pleases while someone else has to clean up his mess.

Despite what he stated, liberals are not authoritarian at all. What liberals want is that the external costs of people’s behavior be internalized.

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Left libertarian most certainly is a thing.

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