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What is your wireless network name?

Asked by crunchaweezy (1733points) August 3rd, 2008

Some people have cute names for their wireless networks, what’s yours?

Mine is AREA 51

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btko… <.<

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someone has a network around me named 1337 h4×0r… haha
I’ve seen a few skynets too.

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I should probably change mine.

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I’m not getting the 1337 h4×0r, what makes it funny is what I mean, not reception wise.

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It’s not mine (I swear!), but I thought this was funny.

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@ xxpork… It has full bars, you should be getting it.

“elite hacker” is what they are going for

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Iwamoto 2

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I live out in the forest, so if anyone wants to piggyback on my wireless, they would need to be sitting on my lawn to do it.

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the Darwin family network.

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She ports out to everyone.

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Want in? No!

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@johnpowell – don’t feel bad, mine is “default” which is what d-link uses as their default SSID.

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