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How do I make my wireless network private?

Asked by emt333 (789points) August 3rd, 2008
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what router are you using?

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linksys wireless broadband router

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log into your router by putting this in your web browser of choice >
From there you will be able to add a password to your wireless network.

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nb the default password for linksys routers is
username: admin
password: admin

upon logging in you should change not only the password for your wifi network, but also these admin details, so that if anyone did gain access to your network for whatever reason, they couldn’t lock you out of it or modify your settings.

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I also recommend you turn off broadcasting if you only enable WEP because I know of programs that can crack a WEP in about 45 minutes. Afterward, you can have your laptop save that connection so that whenever it is in range it will automatically connect, but for others, they will have to know the exact name of your connection since it will not show on their list of connections.

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