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Do you have a pet name for your spouse, partner, boyfriend, girlfriend?

Asked by sccrowell (3508points) August 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

What do you call them? Do you consider it as an endearment? And… Do you find yourself calling someone else hon, babe just out of habit or lack of knowing name?

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I call my wife Miel. It’s Spanish for honey. The idiom doesn’t really translate but that’s what I call her.
My first wife had a pet name for me, but I won’t bring it up here.

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This will be embarrassing…

“Babyboyfriend, angelbaby, cootstuff, buttboy, babynever, loveboy, simon, sizaman, bestestboy, qualitativebaby, cuddlebug, misterbug…”

I have no idea what some of them even mean, but yes, I consider them terms of endearment. I call him “babynever,” and he calls me “babyalways,” but it doesn’t mean anything. I also call him Simon, which has no relevance to his name, and he calls me “Nomis” (Simon backwards). Actually, most of them have a name pair that he calls me: cuddlebug > lovebug, misterbug > missesbug, qualitativebaby = quantitativebaby, etc. No meaning, just goofiness.

I certainly wouldn’t call strangers any of those names, but I did once accidentally call my dad “Babe”!

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Ours have migrated over the years. I call him Bunkie, Tiny Pumpkin, Snorkie. He calls me
Tiny Glade, Tiny One, Bunkie.

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Haha, so far, everyone has gotten lurve for their lurvenames!

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@AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA: You have one ridiculous username.

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When my fiance and I first started dating, I gave her the nickname “sweetpea”. I always drew flowers in drawing class in high school(we went to the same school), and I nutured and took care of her like a gardner in his nursery.

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I don’t do petnames, but for some reason I guess it just felt right.

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Fishie, puppy, naynay, babe, nay, wall-E, fluffeh puppeh, shanaynay (he hates that)

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Sugar lumps. She loves it! Especially when I call her slumps for short. =D

Let’s see…sleepyhead, sugar bump, schmoopy doopy, sweetie, baybaybaybaybay, lazy- oh there’s so many!

But never ever ever Mom.

Well once. But it was an accident.

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I call my wife SweetyBear, my son ScooterBear, and my daughter SweetyHeadedPuddin’ Face.

My wife calls me Boober. When people ask me why, I say “Well you know, they call a man a Farmer because he’s good at workin’ the farm…”

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Her name is Amber. It became “Ambell”, when mixed with baby, it became “Ambellby”, and then “Bellby” to be short.

I love her.

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Yes I have always called my wife Boo. One of my daughters first words was Boo because of that. She thaught her name was Boo. It actually made her upset for her daughter to call her Boo instead of Mom.

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GA Tim! Thanks for sharing! Your girlfriend sounds so adorable!
Shouldn’t it be “shlumps” though? I mean, “sugar” is pronounced with a “sh” sound, so shouldn’t the short version of it use the same sound?

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Does this question come with an air sickness bag?

Her: peanut (little & brown), pluot (the shape of her booty), baby meat (the quality of her inner thighs)

Him: Blue elephant (for the peanut), syrupy stack of mancakes (from The Simpsons), meat, sexy hunk of blue elephant meat (SHOBEM), red (among her friends), my man, little boy (when I start annoying her in the manner of a 10 year old)

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@kevbo: well, it didn’t need one until NOW. (blue elephant meat?)

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I know. I know. It came from a card she gave me.

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There are way too many to list here. I have a serious problem when it comes to giving my wife and my cats “pet names” (ha, I give my cats pet names). Some of the more odd ones are: honey lamb pie, cake, caker baker, bake-a-cake, honey baby boo boo kitty, and boobs (hee hee). The one I’ve been using lately, which I like a lot, is noodle.

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giving your cat a pet name – that’s funny!

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Ok since my other pet names where not excepted I will just include : Babycakes, babe, baby, fatty, my baby.

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@Trance: PM me those other names, would ya?

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I call my husband Bubi and he calls me Bubble.

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Ha, I give my cat pet names too. She’s “babybug” in the bug sequence mentioned above. I also call her “girlfriendgirl” and her dad often calls her “littlebabydaughtergirl.” He also calls her “meowzercat,” “mowgirl,” and “mouse.” There are so many.

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@tinyfaery I just thought you would like to know that my husband and I give our cats “pet” names too. The cats names are Tarot, Karma, Zen, & Otto. Some of the nicknames we call them are tarbut,tarie, bubba, ottoman, karmie,Mr. Budda Belly & little zen.

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I give pet names to our dogs. Mackie I call Prince Snoodziwill, Mackinsnack and Mackanuto. Kobe, our greyhound, I call Cobra, CobaRoba.

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Yay! I’m not a total freak! My boy cat Mushroom is aka: Mr. Fantanstic, Fanty, Boom Boom, etc. Some other notable names are: Fuzzy Minle, coconut, mama kitty, and goo goo.

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His name is Julian and I first started calling him “Juju” then it changed to “Juju Bear”. I also call him “Handsomeboy”.

@girlofscience; I accidently called my dad Babe too! Haha.

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Alright, As most know, Whatthefluther aka WTF is so much more than a b/f and although we are not married, he is still life partner. Actually he’s so much more! Yet when it comes to pet names? Call me boring… It’s babe or honey, that is unless he’s being an @&$#%le. Now, when it comes to pet names for our animals, our Dachshund Bailey is BaBa or Littleman, our IG Spencer has always been Spencerdolf because when we got him it was close to Christmas and I always go WAY overboard in decorating the outside ie., we have an 11’ knight in Full Armor that I dress as Santa any I got Spencerdolf some antlers and it doesn’t hurt that he’s a Blue fawn it reminded me as rudolph(sp). Our African grey is Kaden John LOL go figure… Please excuse my typo’s.

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sccrowell is love, babe, sweetie or sweetheart, unless I’m being an @&$#%le, in which case anything goes. If I’m referring to her when talking to the boys, she’s da momma.
Bailey has become baywee, Spencer (sccrowell’s new avatar, by the way) progressed from her calling him Spencerdolph to me calling him dolpher or the dolph man, Thomas (the cat) is Tom-Tom or GPS guy and when the damn parrot screws up my name, I return the favor as Keadon James

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sugarpants, my secret garden, my precious treasure, my shiny apple, fun buns, naughty little girl, and a few more private ones . All these names are for my S.O. I got sugarpants from a Will Ferrel movie I forget which one. The rest I got from Song of Solomon or I made them up.

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my boyfriend is my darling…or bunny xD

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my gf is my southern rose :)

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Bubble butt.

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I almost forgot galump galump.

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thanks, Tim, I know everyone is really relieved now that you’ve shared everything

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my boyfriend calls me. little bean lol bless

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Um…I had a lot of really pet names I listed above, I am going to have to change my answer to BITCH, since I just found out she is cheating on me while I am in Iraq.

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noraasnave: I’m sorry that happened. That is not cool that that she did that…. Especially while your in Iraq.

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I am so very sorry that this has happened to you… Even more so, that it happened while you are so far away… Well, l’ll tell you this, because you may not hear it as much as you should.

I can not “THANK YOU” enough for what YOU and ALL the others are doing just so, that WE (back here in the states) are kept safe. And so, I thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

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It is a southern colloquialism. I use it when talking to my dog, whose name is multi-syllabic. So attached have I become to “Boo” as a term of affection that my girlfriend was incredibly un-amused when mistakenly used it to refer to her.

Oh, and it’s not a racist term. I have been accused and vindicated on this point.

And my dog’s name is not “multi-syllabic” but the pronunciation is.

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I was getting ready to ask this.. glad I checked.

I’m his kitty.
He’s my bunny.
We say I <3 you as “I mouse you” because the less than 3 symbol looks like a mouse.
No idea how it all ended up being animal related though.

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Update: New pet names: My love, my flower, my lovest one, Kimbo, Kimber, Sexy, beautiful

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sweet cheeks

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deni bear and adam bear seem to be the standard now :]

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Does it really hurt when you call your wife “my baby’ and mistakenly used that same name for your ex or another girl?

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