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Your question is puzzling. Are you asking why would they take it down or why wouldn’t they take it down?

Or are you asking us to give you arguments for both situations? (hypothetically)

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She’s suing them after they refused to take it down? Why would they refuse to take it down?

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Technically, those are their images, that they made, of their child. And the user has the right to post whatever s/he wants on his/her profile.

I guess.

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But she asked them to. Where is the need to post it for all the world to see? . The image is not of an item. It .involves another person for whom it’s causing a problem.

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I know, I’m just trying to get into their heads.

The whole situation is kinda difficult.

Both of them are right, in a way.

I guess she is right: she asked them to take it down and they refused, even though it would put her in an unflattering situation.

But I was trying to find their reasons.

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Ooops I see I’m missing the word not in my question title .

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Looks like that family has issues.

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@monthly And pictures may not be the biggest issue there.

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When my mom discovered facebook she started adding my friends and she really had no clue how it worked and was spouting garbage all over the place and people were getting annoyed.

I had to ask her to unfriend everyone that I know and she doesn’t. She complied.

These parents seem totally unseasonable. I guess likes are more important than their child.

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@flo My question is why would they not?

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Parents may have rights technically but should have taken them down after being requested by the child.

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^^Yes, that would be the nice thing to do, but as Sneki says, there are obviously other issues here. This case should have been referred to family mediation as soon as it hit the judge’s desk..

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Yeah, there is some issue here. My guess is that the parents think they have total domination on the child and can do anything they want to her. They think it’s normal to refuse because, hey, they are parents. I wonder if they know in the US children are also protected by law.

You know what, at least she has the right to sue her parents. Imagine this happens to me. Not only would they refuse, but I would also come across as an abomination for suing my own parents and need to die quick. If having to fight against unreasonable parents isn’t hard enough, there is a whole culture that supports overbearring parents. At least the girl is in a much more advantagous state than me. I hope she sorts her shit out soon.

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My Mom has a picture of me in a speedo when I was like 3. I hate that damn picture. She has it in her hall with her other pictures.

It’s embarrassing, but my Mom loves the picture. Anything that makes her happy, I can tolerate.

But if anything ever happens to her , I’m burning that fucking picture….

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Parents think of their adult child as two different people: who they are now, and who they were as kids. They may struggle and fight with the 18 year old, but still coo over their baby pictures. They are still protective of that child and their pictures, even from that child’s adult embodiment.

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@mrgrimm888 – so did you ask your mom to remove that picture?

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Maybe there’s a backstory about which we know nothing.

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^ @imrainmaker , I asked her to take it down . Her reaction broke my heart. She genuinely gets warm and fuzzy feeling from the memory. So, I didn’t bother pushing any further.

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You’re a good boy, MrGrimm.

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Or I should say

Yaarrrrr a damn fine lad, bo’sun!

(International Talk Like A Pirate Day begins on 19 September)

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^^ ohh..that’s why your pic also are a pirate..))

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^^That is correct, matey! Get an avatar by googling Pirate Logo on Google Images, or create your own for September 19th, then assail a sea and it be yorrrrrrn! Cast off! Cast it all off, and be a Pirate for a day!

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@si3tech I corrected myself in my last post.

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Very unusual situation. I’m on her side!

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