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What is your all time favorite drink?

Asked by AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA (1502points) August 3rd, 2008

Apple juice, coke-cola, Captain Morgan/Dr. Pepper, etc. I love Motts Apple juice and Slice Orange soda. What do you enjoy drinking with alittle R&R?

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soy chai tea latte

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V8 Splash Tropical Blend seems to always find its way to my fridge. PiƱa Colada milkshakes are my first choice at any ice cream parlor.

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A roomate of mine drinks alot of tea. I used to be big on tea but not so much anymore.

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I’d say Orange Juice. I drink way to much Orange Juice

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Virgil’s root beer, and Jones Soda “Fufu Berry”

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Banana milkshake, or this frappuchino (but it wasnt called frapuchino) thing at some place in london. I believe it was a chain, costa something i think. Anyone know?

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Was it a milkshake, cream soda, or coffee type of drink?

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Let’s hear it for the classic Orange Julius!

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Water. From my house in Olympia—straight from the well. Delicious.

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orange juice is my gave!!!

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Cherry Limeaid!

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Lots and lots of Coffee

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I second the Orange Julius.

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Water. From my house in Spencertown. Also delicious. I become younger, thinner and richer after each glass, as does skfinkel w. her water.

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@bri: After looking up “gave” (there are so many wordsmiths in here) I surmised that you overshot the f and hit g.

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Water. Then mango or strawberry smoothie.

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Lime Perrier and the Crash and Burn at Copeland’s.

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Coca Cola…the original!

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Tequila Shots

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Jack and Diet Coke.
Or a martini.
Or diet green tea ginger ale.

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Coca Cola with real sugar, and my grandmother’s too sweet tea (it tastes like love).

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Beer. Seriously.

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Rum and coke. Or milk. And I have to give lurve to girlofscience for mentioning cherry limeade. YUM.

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Sweet Tea from Bill Miller BBQ

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Ice Tea Sweetened with Lemon. I simply can not survive with out it! It would be a tragedy! It is a daily staple in my life. As far as alcoholice beverages go it Champagne hands down!!

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Guinness and/or Dr. Evan!

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Daily, well more like hourly, I’m hooked on Sprite Zero (I know, so boring). All-time fave has to be a Shirley Temple. As an adult, I’ve never reacted to any drink with quite the enthusiasm that I had for that one as a child. Always such a special treat!

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@augustlan – i enjoy shirley temples too!

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@augustlan I remember shirley temples! I always felt so grown up, and they were such a lovely color.

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It’s hard to beat an ice-cold glass of clean water. But I love my one-a-day Mexican Coke. Cocktail-wise, the Sidecar is my favorite: Germain-Robin alambic brandy, Cointreau, and lemon juice.

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Either a good cup of English Breakfast or Lipton Peach Ice Tea

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It all depends:

In the morning: Low-Sodium V8 followed by coffee…lots and lots of half caf coffee.

Afternoon: Water

Evening: Margarita!

All time fave, tho, is regular Coke. I haven’t had one in ages, but I can still remember that distinctive flavor.

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diet 7-up & water never had a drop of beer or coffee in my life and I’m an old guy.

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Plain old milk, mmm :) or flavoured milk. Then tea. Then beer.

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I do really like fizzy drinks like Sprite (or just plain lemonade) and Pepsi, but I drink a lot of fresh orange mhmm….orange.

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it’s alllllways good.
after that, milk. then apple juice :)

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Coffee. Black. Hot.

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Zima Citrus

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redbull, grey goose vodka with a lil bit of cranberry.

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Fresh squeezed orange juice.

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Water and generally any kind of fruit juice. I also recently discovered a specific kind of raspberry lemonade with actual chunks of raspberry in it. It is so unbelievably good!

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Jameson Whiskey

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@drastic; you can buy lots of fruited herbal teas – peach, apple, raspberry – brew, ice and add the appropriate cut-up fresh fruit and a few sprigs of fresh, bruised mint.

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Right now it’s the Cranberry Breezer

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in the morning: tea (preferably) or coffee.

restaurants or at home: diet coke.

bars or weddings: 7 & 7

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ice cold diet pepsi, morning, noon and night AND everywhere in between.

btw, water makes me gag.

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@ deaddolly – testify. I just find it difficult to sit and drink water

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@ bri—Yes! It’s just so blah…I hate it.

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Coke a Cola. Cold. only all the time.

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Water. In a frosty glass with clinking ice cubes.

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Any pink lemonade love?

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