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Would you avoid someone you care about if they have a cold?

Asked by flip86 (6205points) September 16th, 2016

Would you avoid a family member, friend, BF/GF if they had a cold?

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No. I would make some soup for them and check to see if they need anything and let them sleep

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I’m the mother of a 9 year old. If she gets sick, I can’t just go away for a few days until she gets better so no, I have no choice but to be with her.

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No, the cooties are among us, and we’re all exposed. It’s up to me to stay healthy and have a strong immune system. If a friend or family member has a cold, I’ll be there with orange juice and sympathy.

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Friends, absolutely. Keep your diseases to yourself.

My family? Nah. These boys would die without me to nursemaid them. And their colds always seem so much worse than mine.

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No. Even though I have been immune-compromised by cancer treatments, with a little care I can avoid a bad cold without avoiding living my life. I don’t work with at-risk patients, little sicknesses happen, life goes on.

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I don’t notice. I’m sometimes surprised when someone actively moves away from a person sneezing and sniffling in public. With family and friends I care even less.

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Lots of variables. Is there someone else to care for them? if so, I’ll try to stay away so I don’t get sick and I don’t carry germs home to share with the seniors around me. How is my health at the time? is it wobbly? I’ll stay away.

No one else to care for them and I feel good – I won’t hide from them

Which reminds me that it’s time to start this year’s zinc regimen.

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Everyone but my boyfriend (who I live with). I don’t need to see every one of my friends every freaking week and if they’re sick they probably want to rest instead of hanging out anyway. We can hang out the next weekend when they’re better.

Incidentally, before we lived together, Matt took care of me one time when I had the flu. I was like, “Sweetie you really don’t want this, I feel fucking awful” and he was like “Nah no big deal I don’t want to leave you to deal with it on your own” but then once he got it he was like…“Never mind, this is actually horrible, what was I thinking,” LOL. Then I took care of him.

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I would take precautions.

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Sure would. For some of us a cold is hospital-serious and even potentially fatal. If someone is upset when I move away or keep away, I’m sorry, but it’s not worth risking someone’s life to avoid giving some slight offense.

If it’s someone I’m responsible for taking care of, though, then of course I will do it.

I have a cold right now, and I’m keeping myself out of everyone’s range.

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It’s just cold right? If the person takes some basic precautions like covering while sneezing I would be fine.

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Depends on how serious the cold is. If it’s just some sneezing and coughing, then there’s no need to hide. If it gets to the point where the person has to stay in bed (which I encounter much less often), I don’t mind too, but I don’t stay around them. I only come when they need any help. Most of the time I just leave them alone so that they can rest.

I go to school and see sick classmates often. I eve have to sit with them. Does that make me change my seat? Nope.

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It’s near impossible to avoid getting a cold or at least getting exposed to the germs but it’s up to you to take precautions wash your hands don’t stick your fingers in your mouth and rub your eyes and if you do get a cold gargle with water and vinegar three times a day and you won’t get sick more than 2 days

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Not unless asked. I never saw the point, especially if you have kids. And now that the wife is at the Montessori school, the smorgasboard of diseases is always lurking. It’s interesting, but both of us now rarely come down with anything. I haven’t had a cold or the flu in a good 3 or 4 years. I’ve been told that I’m too mean to get sick.

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Probably not (unless I myself were especially vulnerable to infection due to a recent illness) But I would definitely take common sense precautions such as avoiding close personal contact.

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Mates, yep, quarantined!!
My bairns & our lass, nah, “let’s stick together, yeah yeah yeah…”

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It depends. If we had plans to do some casual thing, I might cancel if they were sick. But if we had long-standing plans to do something that was a big event, say a show we’d both been dying (hah) to see, and they felt up to it, then I’d still go. The context is important.

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Absolutely! Stay the hell away. If you need my help I will help you, then leave the room, wash my hands, and let you be with your germs alone. At least for the first 36 hours.

My husband gets sick and I get all my bathroom toiletries and move to the guest room.

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