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Would the world allow the USA to have a robot military? (Details )

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16809points) September 17th, 2016

If all our troops were replaced with, well killing machines, and America still got involved in a bunch of wars and problems like usual, would the world finally have had enough?

Drone strikes are already very controversial. It seems like only a matter of time until the boots on the ground are robot boots.

Would the world sit back and watch our robots terrorizing people? I hope not…

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The entire western world consists of nothing but cowardly colonial buttlickers and lapdogs, so of course all that would come out of these governments is some half arsed condemnations to appease their populations, but rest assured that there would be no effective actions taken.

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When the crossbow was invented, unsuccessful attempts were made to outlaw its use, followed by other weapons were that were ruled inhumane to no avail. After WWI chemical and biological warfare was outlawed, yet Iraq used them against the Kurds and Syria against its rebels. Attempts have been made to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons with little success. While drones cannot carry out missions without an operator remotely controlling them, it will not be long before they will have rudimentary artificial intelligence giving them the power to independently seek and destroy. Other robotic warfare machines will follow. Despite the best efforts of well-intentioned people to limit the murder of millions, nothing will stop the evolution of killing.

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How would the world prevent it? Why wouldn’t the nations of the world simply rush to acquire or duplicate the technology as they have done since the days of the stone axe? The United States will definitely move toward robots on the battlefield because as the drones demonstrate, there is no political liability when your casualties are machines. Robots will conveniently render war without oversight the norm, eliminating pesky interference from a public with no sons at risk.

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Although usually I think that @ragingloli is totally nuts, this time a good point is made. Although there would be all sorts of huffing and puffing, the rest of the world would do nothing.

Sure, Russia and China might start working on something, but it would take them years, since theoretically they are far behind.

But strategically, the idea is incredibly poor. If we can’t make safe and accurate self-driving cards, why would you expect that a robot force that can work synchronously is any more likely? I wouldn’t trust the software and mechanics.

Second, who is making the battlefield decisions in this scenario? Are robots deciding targets, or is that still a human decision? If it is human, then you’re back to a single point of failure – the human mind.

Finally, what happens when the robots turn against us (as in the movie I, Robot)?

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^thorough,good answer. But you ,nor I, will be able to stop such advances in technology.

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I think I’ve seen this movie.

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I don’t think anyone could effectively stop it, and the rest of the world would just race to catch up.

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Saving Private Android, starring Keanu Reeves & Tom Cruise

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Is anyone able to stop drone attacks now? How would they be able to do it in future?

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Here you go Endeavor Robotics 110 FirstLook® is used by battlefield and police units today.

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Once again @Bill1939 makes an ever more rare appearance and, as always, is right on.

I miss you pal.

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@ragingloli don’t knock butt licking til you try it ;) lol

@elbanditoroso China at least I know is not as far behind as some people think, perhaps just a couple years behind and it’s a gap that has been closing at an increasingly rapid rate.

However, the concept of just robot boots – I feel at least – is preposterous at least for a VERY long time. The US Government likes to give contracts to the lowest bidder and well, I don’t see a rather high end machine being cheaper than life. At least not for a while, say, if there’s a radical shift in philosophy and morals in the government that sees life actually worth something substantial.

So for now, it sounds like something that would be in a B or C grade action flick… Like that Robocop remake….

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^So it would surprise you if they don’t already have a couple functional designs in their secret R and D facilities?

Most of our top secret stuff is FAR more advanced than what is currently on the battlefield.

The concept may not be so far away.

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@Espiritus_Corvus, thank you for your compliment. I follow Fluther daily, sharing my opinion when I think some might regard my perspective as having significance.

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@MrGrimm888 it wouldn’t surprise me. I am well aware that there are plenty of things kept secret tucked away in R&D, DARPA, etc. or even used covertly (SR-71 is a classic example of that). What I am aware of is the ridiculous price tags on some of these projects and it would surprise me if these robots were used in droves to replace boots on the ground in the relatively near future. In today’s military, there are several pieces of equipment that the lowest bidding contractor wasn’t low at all and the use of such equipment requires someone somewhere up the chain of command to sign off on its use. Example: the Javelin, a fire and forget missile, and that costs $80,000 to $125,000 to fire.

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A robotic NATO force would work although possibly not welcomed by all others…

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