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Which games work the best on WAii64?

Asked by Traveosa (60points) August 3rd, 2008

I just put Wii Homebrew on my Wii. While I was trying out Wii64 (Nintendo 64 Emulator) the games are giltchy. I tried Mario Kart 64 and Super Smash Bros. The files need to be in .z64.

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Dang. My Bad. I meant Wii64 ;). Miss typing

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There’s an emulator out there called Project 64. The latest version is pay only, though you can quite freely torrent it. Best compatibility I’ve encountered, but it’s largely based on the quality of the ROM dump, as per usual.

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@Lovelocke I am looking for roms that work on Wii64 – A N64 emulator for the Wii.

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Tough, then? You won’t get a better reply than “Here’s the best emulator and ALL the ROMs”.

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