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How can I avoid taking a drill to three oil pans?

Asked by johnpowell (17844points) September 17th, 2016

I went out for a smoke on my porch and just noticed this.

The first is a big ass van from the 70’s. The other two are sedans from 2000+.

This is making me ill. I live next to these idiots. They are all college kids and I was wondering how to inform them that gaskets are a thing.

Part of me just wants to drill through the oil pan at 4am to force action.

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Buy some big oil drip pans, fill with cat litter and place under the leaking engines. Gaskets are a thing but the leaks might be (probably are) valve covers. Put a friendly note on the windshields informing owners that 1 quart of oil dripped into the ground water pollutes 250,000 gallons of water.
But don’t get your hopes up about getting the leaks fixed. I knew a guy who had a Nissan 4X4 pickup that had lost a front seal. It seemed easier for him to just dump 2 to 3 quarts of oil into it each day. (WHAT a mess!!)

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Automobile repairs are very expensive, especially on a college-kid budget. I’ve driven several cars for years with bad gaskets I couldn’t afford to replace, because money was a thing I didn’t have.

I did get into the habit of putting a dishpan underneath the leak and pouring the oil back into the car, though.

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That was probably one car hitting all three spots.

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Ugh, and old vans are about impossible to find parts for, or a mechanic that knows how to take them apart. I just had to junk an 80s van because no one would touch it with a ten foot pole.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me :: Parking is assigned. I know exactly who parks where.

Normally I nap and my anger goes away. For some reason this is just intensifying. Fix your fucking car. When it i starts raining this shit is going to hit the drains and make the fish I would like to catch toxic.

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LIES. I know you don’t eat fish. Fish sticks don’t count.

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Whoa…. I like fishing and eating what I catch. It needs to be fresh out of the river or breaded for me to eat it.

I really hate the fish section at stores like Safeway. If it smells bad I don’t want it in my mouth. River fish doesn’t smell so I will gut that and toss in some lemon slices and wrap in foil and bake. Delicious.

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That’s me corrected. Carry on.

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Seek.. If you ever take me up on my offer to apartment-sit while I take my mom on a vacation we can all go up the river and go fishing before we go. It is pretty fantastic if you like trout.

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The best solution is to call a mobile car repair and pay them to come over and fix the cars.

If you can’t afford it, probably the owners can’t either.

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