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If you had to speculate, what is the common physiological cause for both near death experiences and alien abduction memories?

Asked by ragingloli (47254points) September 18th, 2016

Or do they have different physiological causes?

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I don’t know about alien abduction memories.


“Peace of Mind: Near-Death Experiences Now Found to Have Scientific Explanations Seeing your life pass before you and the light at the end of the tunnel, can be explained by new research on abnormal functioning of dopamine and oxygen flow.” – Scientific American – September 12, 2011

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Cheap drugs or wood alcohol. Second item could cause the near death experience.

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delirium tremens

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Psychological trauma

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People do have what are called “near death experiences.” It is the interpretation of the event which leads to solemn claims which arouse hilarity in me. “Alien abduction memories” are pure self-delusions. They are even more hilarious.

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Neither can really be tied to what you said in the context you said it, people experience them from a different source.

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Are you familiar with night terror (also known as sleep terror)? It’s a parasomniac disorder. After having fallen asleep, some people awaken with overwhelming feelings of intense fear and dread. The effect is similar to a severe panic attack, compounded by disorientation.

The person wakes up so suddenly, his/her body lags behind and causes a temporary paralysis; it’s as if someone or something is restraining the individual. There can also be a sense of pressure on the chest and abdomen, as if somebody’s sitting or lying on top of the person.

The episodes sound horrifying. I can certainly understand why a person might think that he/she is having a near-death experience. Also, religious people often believe that the episodes are caused by demons and devils; that they’re about to be possessed by evil forces. Given all that, I wonder how many “alien abductions” result from this same sleep disorder.

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Neuroscience is still a young field and we don’t actually have an excellent understanding of consciousness.

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@Hypocrisy_Central ”...people experience them from a different source.”. What are the sources, and what is the proof?

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^ What are the sources, and what is the proof?
Where is the proof that it would be from some physiological means, or even if anyone has faith or belief they even experienced what they did? It comes to what you will allow yourself to believe, anything I said you would most likely not believe because I could not produce any proof you’d de satisfied with…….

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Delusional dreamers, with a fair dose of attention deficit thrown in.

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I don’t see the connection?

They are two separate phenomena to my mind.

However, clinical studies have shown that the brain releases certain chemicals during death in order to make the transition better.

Some of course, cannot explain how people can hear and see certain things in the room whilst dead, so attribute it to spiritual reasons.

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