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Online file manager?

Asked by wilhel1812 (2872points) August 3rd, 2008

I need a way to upload and download files to my server from anywhere. The perfect solution would be something php that would let me go to, then log in and get access to the files all in my webbrowser. I will need to have different user acounts som my co-workers can upload and see the files too. and it must be free, we cant afford something fancy yet, however i’m sure there are some sexy opensource stuff that will do the job. Something in the style of wordpress, mediawiki, phpbb etc.

Any suggestions?

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Will probably do what you want. Just setup different accounts and you should be fine. It is free and open source. The link to download is on the left.

edit :: You can use the online version or download a copy and put it on your server. I would go with the second option. The online one has some limitations to the amount you can transfer. If you install it yourself those limitations are removed. Installing it is pretty simple if you have PHP on your server.

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well, that’s great, but i’d prefer a solution where my coworkers dont need to remember advanced ftp adresses, usernames and passwords. just a simple username/password login leading you directly to the overview of a specified folder. i dont want to give them full access to my server, just the directories they need.

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You could make one. It wouldn’t be that hard. Do you know any PHP/HTML/CSS?

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i know HTML and CSS, but i’ve just started with php and i would never be able to make something like that. But come on, someone must have made something like this.

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eyeOS is an awesome project, perhaps a bit overkill but it can do the job you want and perhaps you like the other features too :)
Plus, it’s open source and written in PHP.

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Thanks, that looks like a nice solution for my needs.
I didn’t know it was possible to install eyeOS on your own server

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That’s the beauty of open source :)

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yeah, open source is beautiful <3
and now to answer my next question and my quest will be complete for now :)

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Hehe, I’d already found it ;-)

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