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What would be the advantage of carpet vs rubber on the floor of your vehicle?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (19397points) September 20th, 2016

Why do people like carpet floors in their vehicles?
Factory installed rubber floors are just as quiet and a lot easier to keep clean.

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Carpet feels a lot better when you don’t have shoes on. And they insulate better.

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If you get water or other spill on rubber, it flows all over the place.

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I used to own a ‘92 Crown Vic Advanced Life Support cruiser. As the Blues Brothers would say: “cop motor, cop tires, cop suspension, cop shocks…”
It had rubber floor mats and seats so the interior could be hosed out after it was contaminated with blood.
Not very comfortable but, easy to clean.

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Clean carpet smells better than clean rubber.

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Wish I had known about factory installed rubber mats when I bought my Nissan last year. I’m a big fan of rubber mats. They don’t look as pretty as carpet but they protect better against mud, water, food and liquid stains, etc. I’ve used after-market rubber mats in my 2015 Nissan for a year and the carpet underneath still looks new.

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Virtually the very first thing you see when getting in a vehicle is the floor you have to step on to get in. Rubber floors tells you one of 2 things. The vehicle owner either has a really messy job or is a total slob and usually the fast food containers strewn about the back seat will confirm the latter. Clean top of the line carpets mats on top of clean carpet screams the vehicle owner cares about their ride and enjoys the comfort carpet affords you while traveling in that vehicle.

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Rubber floors are what came on my truck. Easy to clean.

What sold me was that the carpeting option would have been $600 more. Not worth it.

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I find carpet more labor intensive to keep clean, extremely dusty, and adds to that old car smell after a few short years.
Where rubber floors on the other hand are a lot easier to keep clean, hell with a little amour-all you can easily keep them looking brand new for years.
All our transport trucks come brand new with rubber floors.

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@Zaku on the floor??

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