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Flutherites. If you could change one thing about men, what would you change? (Details )

Asked by MrGrimm888 (13670points) September 20th, 2016

This thread is a spin off from the recent female related threads.
The other threads were a sounding board for men.

Women, or whomever, let’s hear it.

Unconstructive venting allowed.

No wrong response.

Mods, please let us just take it. I won’t be offended, as long as I can follow up their issue . They can call me anything, or say anything, and please just let the punches fly.


Perhaps we will understand each other better, and coexist together better.

Gloves off ladies…. Let’s hear it. Let your frustration be heard.

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Hmmm…. First of all, I don’t think men have inherent personality/characteristics. Each man is individual and different from one another. If I were to stereotype men I would say that it’s best for them to not treat women as fragile/weak creature but to treat women as equal (I know this is old news and cliche but still…). And not acting like it’s their responsibility to protect women.

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^I like it. Become a member. ....

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Ok, this is going to be a rant. It’s not about men or women here, it’s about social expectation. Sometimes it’s the same thing, but people’s opinion will change depending on the gender that performs it. Why is it unacceptable for a woman to be unable to do some housework while it’s normal for a man to do so? Why is a woman a bitch for showing interest in men while it’s totally OK for a man to show interest in women? Why does a woman with a strong personality look ridiculous while a man with such trail charming? Why can a man get angry with a woman for having sex with another man before him while he can get laid with any woman he likes and no one will say anything? Oh, I can go on for days.

As long as the people still have that bias for men and women, there’s no hope for any equality, regardless of how men and women will change. Why can’t people just see men and women as human being and judge them simply by what they do?

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^‘Why can’t people just see men and women as human beings, and judge them simply by what they do? ’

We have a winner!

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There is nothing I want to change about “men” in the general sense.

I would love to change the societal fact that I live my life in comparison to a straight white adult male.

As an example:
If I have to pump breastmilk at work, someone will complain that the men don’t get that extra break time, though I’d equally fight for the right of any man who needs to pump breastmilk during work hours to do so. No one seems to have much problem with smokers getting extra break time that non-smokers don’t enjoy, but I guess that’s because it’s not a solely female activity.

“Equality” and “equal treatment” aren’t always the same thing.

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But you get couches in your restrooms. Pipe-swingers don’t have couches.

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I have only once in my life seen a couch in a women’s restroom, and it was in a nursing alcove in a high-end mall.

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So you are admitting that white males have a harder life. I WIN!!!!

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Aw, rats.

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Lol….I can’t say I’ve seen a couch in the men’s room!.....


This is a crazy world indeed.

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I’d take away their penises.~ That’s the only thing all men have in common.

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@janbb . That would be my most prized possession. Please don’t.

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I would make them pipe the fuck down in traffic. Seriously, men, pipe the fuck down when you are driving.
At least men in my country go apeshit when they are driving, shouting like crazy and raping the siren in for no goddamn reason.

Oh, and also, I would make them stop driving the damn motorbikes like lunatics. The whole street starts shaking like there is an earthquake just because some douche wants to show us his new toy.

Besides that, we can find a compromise.

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On the same sort of tangent as @janbb, what I would change about men… Is their sex. :) All females from now on, please. Hahaha… But seriously, I don’t find men attractive on a physical or emotional level, generally speaking… But I am constantly bombarded by propositions from men. The solution? Make all men women, that way I don’t have to reject them… All… Some of them, sure, but not all. :)

And before you say something about reproduction… We’re not super far away from female-female reproduction being a thing.

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@Mimishu1995 I find it very, very interesting that we come from two, very different societies, yet both societies have the same skewed view of women in the same ways.

Things are better now, but men of my generation, and generations before, were raised knowing that they were smarter than girls. I heard it on the play ground as a child, “Boys are smarter than girls!” It was a fact. (We girls knew it wasn’t true, but who’s going to listen to a dumb girl?)
I can’t count the times I’ve had an opinion, or idea dismissed because it came from me, a girl, but when a man comes up with the exact same idea and gets told what a genius he is.

I think that lingering belief is still there for some, though. I can sense it in the condescending behavior here by some of the men.

We are just now looking at the possibility of a female president for the first time….and look at all the shit she’s gotten just because she’s a woman.

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