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Do you know any synonyms for "toilet", that are NOT euphemisms?

Asked by ragingloli (47261points) September 20th, 2016

Euphemisms include:
toilet, water closet, rest room, etc.
not a euphemism: shithouse

Do you know any words for toilet that accurately describe it?

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Shitter. Pisser.

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The “can”
On a ship they call it the head.

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NOT euphemisms. try again.

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The John? Receptacle? The poop chute?

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Take your pick.
flock, sens, mickle, arse, keister, thunder mug, pile, stern, lavatory, stool, potbelly, butt, fecal matter, crapper, commode, throne, skunk, bay window, tooshie, lav, derriere, can buoy, gutter, seat, weed, pot, heap, hind end, kitty, sess, behind, smoke, tin can, lot, passel, slew, faeces, ass, sewer, deal, quite a little, toilet, faecal matter, locoweed, peck, sight, wad, posterior, potty, bathroom, ordure, grass, rear end, tush, good deal, flowerpot, chamberpot, canful, toilette, can, john, chiffonier, green goddess, nates, batch, rump, stack, mess, spate, rear, bottom, buns, potful, corporation, tail, fundament, mountain, plenty, potentiometer, mint, dope, buttocks, raft, jackpot, fanny, hindquarters, mass, bum, tidy sum, backside, hatful, tin, prat, gage, tummy, feces, privy, great deal, dejection, tail end, muckle

fanny, privy, tail, can buoy, prat, butt, flush toilet, bathroom, washbasin, tin, tin can, can, nates, bottom, toilette, earth-closet, potty, fundament, outhouse, crapper, posterior, washstand, washbowl, behind, whoremaster, stern, commode, backside, bum, john, whoremonger, buns, stool, hindquarters, tail end, derriere, basin, throne, rear end, trick, hind end, rump, buttocks, toilet, bath, keister, lavatory, sewer, ass, gutter, arse, lav, rear, tush, jakes, canful, seat, pot, tooshie

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I love the way you felt the need to “educate” us on basic word definitions…amusing.


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Thunder mug

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@Cruiser Still a euphemism

@ragingloli If it’s not supposed to be a euphemism, what exactly is it supposed to be? “Not a euphemism” is a broad term.

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@Sneki95 Do you really think thunder mug is a nicer more pleasant descriptor of toilet?

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I always thought a poop chute was what the poo came out of, not what it went into…

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@Cruiser What do thunders and mugs have to do with toilets?

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Geez @Sneki95 Do I really have to explain to you the sound (thunder) of bowels emptying into a toilet (mug)? :p

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@Cruiser Oh.

I would’ve never connected those two. If someone mentioned thunder mugs without explaining what does that mean, I would’ve never guessed what are they talking about.

So, basically I learnt a new phrase. Yay me! I guess

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@Sneki95 I can tell you have lived a sheltered life and never had to “visit” a men’s airport or convention hall lavatory and if you had…we would not have had this quaint discussion. ;)

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