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How come restaurants don't offer a "Not a Senior" discount?

Asked by rem1981 (393points) September 20th, 2016

If I owned a restaurant the first thing I would do is advertise a “Not a Senior” discount to get the young people in. It’s the perfect way to get the young people in and keep the old guys out. The problem bars and restaurants have is they fill up with old people before the rest of us get out of work and then we don’t want to go there. So we end up going to some place old people don’t go and have to pay twice as much. My theory is you keep the old people out by not giving them a discount. Let the places who give senior discounts fill up with old people and the places that actually want to make money offer a “Not a Senior” discount. Makes sense to me

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And replace frugal cheap customers with broke ones? No thanks.

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Places that give senior discounts are chain diners and regular diners. If that’s where you “young” people are going after work to party down, you either need to move to a bigger town, or suck it up and deal. We codgers go to bed early, we’ll hobble out on our walkers in plenty of time for you to enjoy yourselves.

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…I don’t even know what to say….

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I don’t want to go places that offer a senior discount. The point is they shouldn’t get a discount in the first place. You have no idea how much money bars lose from wasting the best seats at the bar on old people. A bartender’s nightmare is a bar full old guys.

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^^^ I think the world’s worst nightmare is a condescending, arrogant asshole.

They don’t give senior discounts at bars, ding dong. Only at some restaurants.

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Speaking as a former bartender, I can tell you that we preferred the old folks, they were quiet and tipped much better, and weren’t as prone to make gross remarks about women or get handsy. And unless you’re hanging out in the bar at Denny’s at 6:00, not a lot of geezers. You seem to know so little about bar culture, how old are you?
And really, the seniors don’t want to go to places that you would be. Honest.

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@rem1981 Spoken like a young, thoughtless, selfish whippersnapper.

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I have worked at a few places that offer senior discounts. The decision for the discount is mostly about time. Things are empty during the day like restaurants and movie theaters. Get the oldies in since they don’t have jobs and are waiting to die. By 7pm they want to be home to watch reruns of Murder She Wrote.

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This user’s questions and posts seem to bear quite a linguistic similarity to this user.

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I’d throw in my 2 cents worth but I can’t top @canidmajor and @si3tech perfect responses, other than to say ” piss off you rude little weenie.” Is that a personal attack? Okay, so be it. haha

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Young people aren’t used to getting a deal. Offer them a discount over seniors and you have a bunch of new customers. Yes, you will lose the old guys customers, but you gain young female customers, for sure. Restaurants are stupid to not do this.

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Why not go the whole hog & have kids bring in their parents sisters…Rest-Ya-Aunts ;-}

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The senior citizens make up the minority of the clients. Giving everybody a discount is ridiculous. Just lower the prices.

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For an actual explanation, read @johnpowell‘s response.
But really, you sound just like that other guy, enjoying getting everybody engaged, for the sheer joy of…what?
Go outside. Take a walk. Read a book.

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@rem1981 So now you only want to attract young female customers? Isn’t a customer a customer? An older persons money is just as viable as a young persons money, just WTF are you trying to say here anyway? lol

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What a wonderful business plan..share with someone who actually owns the business and let us know what they say!!

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Fuck, kid. You have no idea what the bar and restaurant business is all about or how it works.

This is what you do. You come up with an idea that will attract a repeat clientele. If you want to be bold and raise the risk of failure—which is already an 80% chance that you will fail in the first five years without ever seeing a profit—you target a specific clientele. If you’re right, they vote on your idea with their dollars. If you’re wrong, you go broke.

If you’re smart, you will gear your place to serve different clientele at different times of the day, so you’re always making money. So your employees are not on the clock picking at their fingernails. The slow time between lunch and dinner is a money loser, therefore you have early bird specials for people who eat early and go to bed early. Then comes the younger crowd.

Women don’t spend money in bars like men do. And men don’t hang around much if there are no women and women won’t hang around a place where there are only guys. They don’t feel comfortable. It’s a fact that every bar owner knows. So, you institute ladies specials and ladies nights. Women come in and attract more guys. Guys spend money like it’s going out of style when there are women in the house. All you have to do is keep the ladies room clean. That is incredibly important. A younger clientele might spend more money on the weekends, so you institute a weekend Student discount (ever hear of that, fuckbean?) and don’t be too strict about the college IDs. If you do it right, you keep a full house and make money.

It’s pretty obvious you don’t like “old people.” It’s also pretty obvious you are an asshole. There are plenty places that will serve you. Bars are full of assholes. Many of these bars have no old people in them. But I think the next time you’re in a bar that has old people in it, you should find and old asshole and try to have a conversation with your future self. It might be enlightening, and a little scary.

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Fuck bean! Ha ha ha ha! I ♥ you @Espiritus_Corvus!

Well said my well traveled friend.

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Here is a little riddle for our young friend to puzzle out:


Long, long time ago, when we owned the mower shop, we’d set up at the county fair every year.
One day, while we were there, I got a funnel cake (duh. Who doesn’t get a funnel cake when they’re at the fair?) The guy who operated the funnel cake trailer was a business acquaintance of ours.
I pointed out to him that most people only eat about half of the funnel cake and the rest goes in the trash. I said, “Why don’t you make them half the size and charge half the price?”
He said, “Val. You’re a business owner. Think about it.”
So I did. It quickly dawned on me, and when it did I stared at him, my head cocked to the side, mouth open a little, and he just grinned! I just walked away shaking my head.
That moment explained so many things.

Do you understand the business logic behind that @rem1981?

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I spend $1000 a week on food and alcohol. I think I know a little bit about bars.

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Yeah, make sure you put that on your resume.

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@rem1981 Well you sure don’t know anything about business or real life.
Enjoy that Ivory Tower, hopefully you won’t fall out of it and land in the real world. lol

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@rem1981 Spoken like ignorant spoiled brat, who knows nothing about people and life in the real world. Grow up.

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