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What food would you add to my list in details?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17720points) September 20th, 2016

Unlimited hot dogs and buns. Two Ensure per day. Unlimited Russet potatoes and margarine. Unlimited peanut butter cups. Milk and shreddies. I get paid on the 26th. I have $91.

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Vegetables and fruit. Milk.

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Do you care about your health? If you don’t I can share my diet.

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Fruit. Juice. Two onions.

Something to put on the potatoes.

Actually given what you’ve got in the house, you don’t need anything else. You’ve got plenty of food to make different things for the next week.

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A bag of Midget Gems & a whole thing of tic tacs

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Tic Tacs. I just want to say that the new Tic Tacs mixers are yummy. Dangerously delicious. I have to hide them from myself.

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What is a shreddie?

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@chyna Whole wheat ceral .

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I just learned recently that Shreddies are a Canadian phenomenon.

I thought everyone knew them.

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Cans of soup, bread and cheese to make grilled cheese sandwiches to go with soup, carrots, bananas, apples or any other fruits or veggies that you like.

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Some real protein, some whole natural foods without starch.

Some chicken, some ground beef or ground turkey. A lot of places will sell you turkey drumsticks for not too much.

Fruit and green vegetables. It’s apple harvest season, get a dozen of your favorite apples and eat two a day.

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“Unlimited hot dogs and buns.”
Too fantastical.
What happened to the 10 packages of each?

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Smoked cheddar cheese. Grilled salmon, tuna, mahi mahi or catfish.
Cottage cheese.
Triscuit rosemary and olive oil crackers.
Adding to your list.
Add cool to hot. Spicy to bland.

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Do you ever do anything with the suggestions we make? It seems to me you asked about using money for food a few days ago. Did you follow anyone’s ideas?

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edit redacted. I’m nervous right now. Yes I follow what I can. I still don’t like going outside.

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How on earth does one get unlimited hot dogs, buns and peanut butter cups? You are living in a Cub fans heaven.

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@Cruiser I just have lots. I bought them in bulk.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Buying “Lots” as in bulk Costco sized packaging is essentially unlimited! lol

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