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If you woke up and realized you were 10 what would you do?

Asked by LornaLove (9931points) September 20th, 2016

If I woke up and I was 10 years old, I’d probably want to jump on a bouncy castle. (I did that when I was in my early 40s, it was great fun, but I could feel the effort!).

I’d play hopscotch again, because when I was 10 I didn’t have such big hooters and I could jump with ease!

I’d also swim a lot, then color in. What would you do? Do you think we were more ourselves when we were 10 and the secret of our passion lies in the things we would like to do?

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Do my homework. Go shoot some birds with my BB gun. See if there’s anything to eat in the fridge.

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@kritiper Exclude the guns and that’s basically what I do and I’m 21. :D

If I remember my 10yo self, I would probably play in the backyard.

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I’ll do what I did when I was 10..)

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When I was 10 I liked to play Harriet the Spy. I carried around a notebook and took notes on all the people in the neighborhood.

Now I just stalk people on the Internet instead. There’s a lot less outside involved.

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Go tell my bullies straight to the face that I’m not scared of them. I wish I had got that much courage back then, and lots of horrible things could have been prevented if I had just been braver.

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Masturbate a lot less and chase girls instead.

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When I was ten, I was reading a lot. A lot. There was no internet. There were no VCR’s, at least for the majority of people. I listened to the radio sometimes. I’d walk around with my friend and we’d go to the store or walk around the school yard, play ball, jump rope, ride bikes.

Of course, I’d be going to school if I were ten.

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Oh man, I’d be jumping out of bed raring to go, no puffy morning eyes, no stuffy sinuses, no stretching for 5 minutes before getting out of bed. I’d be happy with that alone. lol

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Get my dog and run through the woods for hours. Build a tree fort with friends, or bicycle in a new direction just to see what I could see.

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I would definitely start a journal and try to make myself write in it. I’ve got such a terrible memory in terms of my childhood. I’ve often wished I’d kept a journal.

Other than that, I’d just like to be able to play. To go to the park and run around and climb trees. Maybe I’d take my sketchpad and draw more. Just being free to do anything would be wonderful.

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It depends on whether you mean I wake up today as a 10 year old or I wake up to relive my 10th year knowing what I do now. The 2nd scenario is the one I would prefer to fantasize about, because of the fantastic knowledge I would possess on upcoming events in both my life and the world at large.

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I would run (like actual running) all over the park. I would do all the acrobatics I used to be able to do. I would run around the house naked enjoying the freedom of a small,thin, unencumbered body. I would do all the goofy things that kids can get away with that adults either get arrested or put in the nuthouse for.

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Grab a pair of eyebrow tweezers & wank off to Daphne on Scooby Doo

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@ucme So what has changed! ;)

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@LornaLove Coz that wasn’t predictable, must try harder dear ;-}

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I’d play draughts with my father then go and climb some trees. I would then come back to the house and speak with the girl next door across the garden fence.

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I would start to pay a whole lot more attention to the girls in my class. I just attended a 45-year reunion of my high school graduating class – which coincidentally included meeting some of the people who had attended elementary school with me even ten years before graduating high school – and I was blown away by some of the women whom I had not even noticed in grammar school. (I moved away from my first elementary school before attending junior high, and then hadn’t even had a chance to meet some of them until high school, and the high school population was considerably larger, so I lost a lot of potential earlier contacts that way.)

And I would start sailing earlier, and more frequently, and farther.

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Get my first Pokémon from Professor Oak, and go out into the world to become the very best, like no one ever was, because to catch them is my real test, and to train them is my cause.

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Hopefully keel over and die!

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Swim, take a ballet class, ride a Big Wheel standing on it and going down a not too steep hill. If it’s a snow day I’d go sledding, and then come home and have hot chocolate. Chew bubble gum, climb the monkey bars, watch TV, and eat Entemann’s cc bit cookies.

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Scream really loud.
I want to know who the adult supervision is, and if it has improved.

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