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Any good Northern California clothing-required hot springs / public baths?

Asked by zina (1661points) August 3rd, 2008

First off, I’m pro-nudity and I myself would smirk at this question. But are there places to go if someone is uncomfortable with nudity (themselves or others)?

Places similar to Kabuki in SF (except Tuesdays, I know), Orr hot springs, Wilbur, Harbin, etc. I’m more interested in bigger ones like those than small ones like Sweetwater in Mendocino, but will take any suggestions.

It’d be nice to have a personal recommendation to somewhere you’ve been.

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My mom always goes up to Calistoga up in Napa Valley.

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I second Calistoga. There are lots of choices, charming places to stay, and wineries too.

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Any specific places in Calistoga? I spent time there years ago, and the places I went are now closed. Any specific hot spring or spa (hopefully not just a massage/facials/etc place but with hot baths, sauna, steam, etc) ?

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It has been too many years for me to make a personal recommendation (same as you). Indian Springs has a good review. Excerpt: “This spa has the best mud bath in Calistoga. I have tried others, but this one takes the cake. For one thing they use the volcanic ash and water to make a thick mud using the geyeser mineral water. They do not add peat moss as do the others. The mud sticks to you much better this way.”

Fodor’s, whom I usually find trustworthy, lists these.

Have a great time.

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