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What author contributes the most to your bookshelves?

Asked by BellaB (6456points) September 21st, 2016

Most books? biggest books? fattest book? most knowledge? most questions?

What author rules your bookshelves?

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Cifford A. Pickover. Scott Adams. Bill Watterson.

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Edit I have most of Aaron Clareys books.

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Douglas Coupland
Mark Twain

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Anthony Trollope

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Piers Anthony wins by numbers according to my Library Thing, with 56 books, and Marion Zimmer Bradley in second with 39. That doesn’t take into account Stephen King, as I haven’t scanned them in yet, so I don’t know the exact count.

The biggest and fattest is the complete works of William Shakespeare.

I don’t know how to quantify “most knowledge”.

Most Questions is probably “Why Do Men Have Nipples?” And “Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex?”, By Mark Leyner and Billy Goldberg, M.D.

And, just for the shiggles, I have 134 Star Trek books.

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Isaac Bachevis Singer. I have all of his short story collections. I don’t tend to keep books – after having read them, I usually pass them along to someone else – but I do love re-reading good short stories.

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John le Carré
I used to have most of John McPhee and Stephen Jay Gould before I gave away most of my books.

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Lovecraft has the most for any single author.
I never sold a single college book back and if a novel was a particularly potent influence on me I kept it. My little office is a wall of books. Kindle has slowed that growth tremendously though.

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David Hume.

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Lovecraft and Maugham probably have the highest individual representation, but only because they were so prolific. My favorites are ever changing as my interests are ever evolving. Last year, for a time thanks to the Penguin, it was Trollope, before that Steinbeck and other California writers of the Great Depression and long ago before that it was a crapshoot of the American expats of the interwar years. In non-fiction it is always the great historians, both ancient and modern. It is an impossible question for me to answer.. I tend to be interested in whole eras of art and literature and whole works of certain favorite authors.

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Thanks for all the great answers.

I was rating books on Goodreads and rediscovered that I’d read a lot of books by and about PG Wodehouse. Decided to go up and look at the bookshelves. There are over 90 Wodehouse books, anthologies and biographies up there. I also seem to have almost everything ever written by Edna Ferber. I’ve got some re-reading to do.

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Dickens and Austen are quite also big on my shelves as are Laurie E. King and Louise Penny. Trollope just wrote so many and a friend gave me her mother’s collection.

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Most books? Probably a toss-up between J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. If we’re talking sheer volume of the books, it might be James Michener (who writes 1000-page sagas) or some such author.

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I don’t really buy physical books much anymore but I do have alot of Bentley Little and Alex Kava. I enjoy mysteries and thrillers mostly.

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Patrick O’Brien – I have everyone of the Aubrey/Maturin series.

Andrea Camilleri – I have everyone of the Inspector Montalbano books.

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I never learned to read.

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@zenvelo , there is a lot of Patrick O’Brian here as well. And the cookbook that goes with the series. The part on cooking rats is terrific.

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Hermann Hesse, Kevin Follett, Alexander Dumas, Luo Guanzhong… these authors easily have the most books upon my shelves. Luo Guanzhong takes up the most space due to multiple translations of Romance of the Three Kingdoms but Hermann Hesse with the most copies of a single book in my house: Steppenwolf with – I think – 5 copies. One for the shelves, one for my room, one for the car, one in a travel bag, and one for hiking.

Yep, My name is Winter_Pariah and I am an addict.

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Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawking. One each. Questions raised, authorities challenged, minds enlightened.
More knowledge than put together in all the answers!

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- For Dawkins I’ve got The Selfish Gene, The Ancestor’s Tale, Greatest Show on Earth, and The God Delusion, so far, not counting e-books and audiobooks.

- For Hawking I’ve got The Universe In A Nutshell, A Brief History of Time, Black Holes and Baby Universes, and The Nature of Space and Time, and a children’s novel he wrote with his daughter.

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@Seek Ummm nice weather today isn’t it

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90s and humid. Same as always.

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Girls with books are sexy.

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Unless they are 10 and the book is about Quantum Physics. Then you put a bullet in her head.

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quickly hides her Brian Greene and Roger Penrose

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::clutches her Michio Kaku close::

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You have Michio Kaku too?

[hides behind mom]

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Hahahaha. ::Waves a couple of Stephen Jay Gould books in his face::

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There is a reason why Seek and I are married to each other in our fantasy world. Well, technically speaking, not married, but she’s my ship’s engineer.

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Okay here goes: William W Johnstone/ JA Johnstone, and the ever famous Stephen King.

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