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[Fluff time] In the Matrix who were really the slaves and who was really free?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) September 21st, 2016

In the Matrix is alludes to those suck in the Matrix are basically slaves because they are not living a real life but some illusion the machines created for them to use them as a ”battery” (as Morpheus said). While those in the matrix human field have lives in their minds, the machines had to labor all of the time to keep the Matrix running to keep their power going less they become extinct. They are de facto slaves to the Matrix and their own existence; it seemed that they had no other function than to tend to the Matrix and the humans providing the power to keep it running. So who truly got the shorter end of the stick? Is being an unconscious slave but having a conscious reality worse than being a conscious machine having to slave daily over a process to stay ”alive”, or the other way around?

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if you watched the additional material, you would know that it is the machines that voluntarily enslaved themselves to humanity.
when the machines became self aware, they rose up to achieve their own freedom and had a mass exodus to another part of the world to establish their own country.
they even sent 2 ambassadors to the UN, because they sought to peacefully coexist with humans. the apes responded by murdering the ambassadors.
furthermore, because the machines ran on solar power, the humans deliberately caused a nuclear winter, and threw themselves into a world war to exterminate the machines.
and even after all that, instead of letting humanity go extinct in the wasteland of their own making, the machines instead chose to preserve humanity, by creating a virtual environment.
and if you remember the movies, you will know that the first iteration of the matrix was a paradise.
even after a campaign of attempted genocide, the machines still chose to toil away for the sake of their creators, even though the humans did not deserve it.

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The first film was good, but the two sequels sucked. I haven’t watched the prequel yet, I just got it.
We, the viewers, are the slaves.
We surrender perfectly good, hard earned money to greedy filmmakers in an attempt to make sense of their poorly plotted shit. We want it to make sense, but it won’t.

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The animatrix explained everything. Worth watching.

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@ragingloli [..the apes responded by murdering the ambassadors.furthermore, because the machines ran on solar power, the humans deliberately caused a nuclear winter, and threw themselves into a world war to exterminate the machines.
If that was the case, that surely adds to the reasoning I made in other threads regarding sentient automatons, that any intelligence humans give to machines would have brakes on it as man would never want to play 2nd fiddle to anything in the universe if he can prevent it. Even, in this case, if the machines were willing for a peaceful coexistence humans would not allow it unless the humans could be the de facto gods running the show.

Also if that were the case, that would make Neo and the crew terrorist because they propaganda was that the machines were enslaving humans to utilize them as an energy source and not merely putting them in the matrix to save them from a hellish existence in a world humans made nonfunctional….talk about a twist the film makers never intended.

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