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Why do prostate sensations don't want to stop after stimulation? Does it makes the same for woman's g spot?

Asked by azamadri (4points) September 22nd, 2016

Why do prostate sensations don’t want to stop after stimulation? Does it makes the same for woman’s g spot?

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I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about. Are you asking about the pulsing that follows an orgasm where you shudder and pulse for a while before relaxing?

I’m just glad it lasts more than one pulse.

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Hi and thanks for your reply ^^

I mean that once you want to stop playing and go sleep or do other things, (to me and some guys at least), the prostate feelings don’t stop even if you want them to.. i’m wondering a lot about that, is it the same for womans : the G-spot sensations stops right after stimulation ?

For an example :

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