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What's the difference between an indoor flood light and an outdoor flood light?

Asked by evanchaney (34points) August 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

I need a 65w flood for the light above my garage. The grocery store only carries indoor floods. What’s the difference? Weathering? Power consumption/brightness?

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The indoor floodlight only illuminates floods that occur inside your house, such as in your kitchen or bath. The outdoor floodlight only illuminates outdoor floods that occur, such as a creek, lake, or a pond flooding. I know it sounds ridiculous, you would think that in this day and age they would be able to invent something that does both! :- P

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You need to go to a home improvement store, and buy an outdoor flood, if for no other reason than it’s probably sturdier to withstand the weather.

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According to Lowe’s, outdoor floods are rated to withstand dampness.

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Yea the only major different is that the outdoor floods are rated to withstand wet conditions (i.e. humidity, general dampness, rain, snow, etc.)

Your indoor floods don’t have to be constructed as soundly. They can be made for moderate conditions with no dampness.

If you put an indoor floodlight outside, you run the risk of getting water in it, having it short out or possibly causing an electrical fire.

Also, if you pulled a permit with the city to do repairs, they would never allow you to put a light outside that’s not UL rated for outside use.

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